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Buying new

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If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly way to buy or run a Velar, go for one of the four-cylinder diesel models – which offer the lowest retail prices, finance costs and the cheapest running costs.

We anticipate most UK buyers will choose the R-Dynamic package – available across the entire range – for its sportier looks. Give this serious consideration, as new car popularity usually translates into used car value, suggesting R-Dynamic will be worth more and easier to sell when you come to part with your Velar.

Range Rover reckons the R-Dynamic SE with the more powerful 2.0-litre diesel engine – the D240 – will be the best-seller overall; though if you’re a company car driver the less powerful D180 diesel is expected to be more popular.

As we’ve already mentioned, the big V6 engines are very satisfying to drive, but consider whether you really need the additional performance, as it will come at quite a cost both to buy and to run.

Buying used

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Range Rover Velar SUV model history

  • March 2017 – Range Rover Velar introduced as a new model between smaller Range Rover Evoque and larger Range Rover Sport. Launched with a choice of three petrol and three diesel engines, and four standard trim levels: standard, S, SE and HSE – plus range-topping First Edition that is only available for the first 12 months. All trims are available in regular and sportier-looking R-Dynamic guise.


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Buying a new Range Rover Velar SUV

  • Lots of demand so limited discounting
  • Range Rover finance not great value
  • Monthly costs are competitive though

You want a Velar? So does everyone else – which means you’re out of luck if you were hoping for a discount.

The rest of this review can help you decide which engine is best for your purposes, but we’d recommend an R-Dynamic model in at least SE specification if you’re looking for a well-equipped car that also maximises used value for when you come to sell it on - or for the most bang for your buck in terms of monthly payments.

Speaking of used values, be tasteful with your paint and interior choices if you want to stand a chance in what’s likely to be a competitive marketplace.

Important options to consider include Terrain Response 2 (it’s not expensive anyway) and additional off-road hardware – you may not use it, but it fits the Range Rover image and will appeal to used buyers for the same reason.

Do your sums before opting for manufacturer finance on the Range Rover Velar

Vehicles from the Jaguar Land Rover family are generally not very good value to purchase using manufacturer finance plans.

High list prices and high APR inflate monthly payments, though this is somewhat balanced out by very strong residual values. That means that you can potentially get lower monthly payments with Porsche, Tesla and BMW rivals.

It also means that if you actually decide to buy your Velar at the end of the finance period you will probably end up paying considerably more than the cash retail price.

To be fair to Range Rover, this is not unusual in the prestige SUV sector – you’ll find it’s a similar story (big deposit, high APR) with rivals such as the Porsche Macan, though that model is dar cheaper at launch.

For what it’s worth, you’ll also find you can finance a Tesla Model X for around £200 per month less than the Velar at launch.

Buying a used Range Rover Velar SUV

  • Check carefully for signs of careless ownership
  • Make sure everything works
  • Main dealers pricey but offer more peace of mind

Stating the obvious here: the Range Rover Velar is a big, complicated vehicle with off-road capability – examine any potential used purchase very carefully to try to minimise expensive issues later on.

The big part means you need to check for parking damage, scraped wheels and so forth. This may sound minor, but it speaks of how careful the current owner has been and reflects on how well it’s been looked after.

The complexity means you need to make sure your used purchase has a full service history for starters – but also that everything works.

Do the door handles pop out like they should? Does the infotainment system work smoothly? Are the seats fully functional, including heating and massage capability where fitted? What about the suspension? With adaptive damping and air springs, this will not be cheap to repair. Range Rover’s reputation for reliability is not the best, and electronic systems in particular have long been a weak point.

The off-road ability means the Velar may actually have been off the beaten track, so ask the seller how they’ve been using their Velar, and have a look at the underside for damage as much as possible.

If there’s a tow hook fitted find out what it’s been hauling – the extra weight will put more strain on mechanical components including the gearbox, suspension and brakes.

A Parkers Car History Check can help you find out about accident damage and any outstanding finance issues.

Selling your Range Rover Velar SUV

  • Price sensibly
  • Get minor damage repaired
  • Show proof of careful ownership

Used Velar buyers will be looking for style, so are unlikely to be excited by tatty examples. Make sure yours looks spot on – get any scuffs and dents sorted (smart repair services can be very cost-effective), and consider a professional deep clean to make sure it looks its best ahead of advertising.

A full and documented service history will be a must, especially given all the complex electronics. A video demonstrating everything works will help your advert stand out.

Use the Parkers valuation tool to set realistic pricing, and make sure anyone wanting a test drive has proof of insurance, just in case the worst should happen.

But unless you’ve gone very wrong with the spec, or been over-optimistic with the pricing, we imagine you’ll soon have a queue at the door.

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