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Best pickups for payload

  • Every double cab pickup ranked for payload
  • Includes X-Class, Ranger, Amarok and Hilux
  • Payload capacities vary by nearly 200kg

Need to know which pickup can carry the most weight in the back? We’ve been through the technical specifications of every model currently on sale in the UK – including the new Mercedes X-Class and 2018 SsangYong Musso – and have listed them in order of payload rating below.

The payloads listed for each of the pickups below is the official maximum for a double cab model – meaning four proper doors and five seats. These are the pickups compared:

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Info about pickup payload ratings

Remember, the actual payload amount available will depend on fitted equipment, and must also account for the weight of people on board.

If you want to fit a hardtop over the load area, you’re also best looking for a pickup with a payload rating of at least 1,045kg, as hardtops are given a nominal 45kg weight value.

If you spec your pickup with a hardtop from new and that 45kg takes the remaining payload capacity below 1,000kg (1.0-tonne), you could be liable to pay tax at regular car rates rather than at the more favourable light commercial vehicle rate. Worth keeping in mind.

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Best double cap pickups for payload

= 8) Fiat Fullback 2.4-litre LX automatic – 1,050kg

Fiat Fullback payload rating

The Fiat Fullback is merely a rebranded version of the Mitsubishi L200, rather than a fully re-engineered one. As such it’s no surprise to find it matches the L200’s payload ratings – which is to say you’ll need the automatic if you want to maximise your load.

The difference is only 5kg, so if you prefer the control (and refinement) of the six-speed manual versus the five-speed auto, maybe skip the odd big lunch to compensate.

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= 8) Mitsubishi L200 2.4-litre automatic – 1,050kg

Mitsubishi L200 payload rating

The manual gearbox L200 has the exact 1,045kg payload needed to cover the nominal weight of a hardtop while retaining one-tonne pickup tax status, while the auto gives you 5kg more – the gross vehicle weight is adjusted across the range so it’s the same on all L200 double cabs.

The L200 has always been excellent value, and with an update in early 2018 boosting its towing capacity to 3.5 tonnes, it's now even more of a bargain.

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7) Nissan NP300 Navara 2.3-litre 163 – 1,059kg

Nissan Navara payload rating

The lowest specification Visia and Acenta Navaras have the highest payload rating at 1,059kg. However, when you step up to the fancier trim levels, going for the optional – and rather good – seven-speed automatic claws back most of the difference.

Yep, the auto is 7kg lighter than the six-speed manual, despite having an additional gear – meaning those Navaras where it’s fitted have an official payload of 1,054kg.

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6) Mercedes X-Class 2.3-litre X 220 d – 1,087kg

Mercedes X-Class payload rating

The X-Class is the newest kid on the pickup truck block, and the international specification initial gave it a very poor showing for payload. But now we have full details of the UK spec, and the entry-level X 220 d version now claims a top five finish here.

Despite being based on the Nissan Navara, the X-Class can officially carry nearly 30kg more. Exactly what makes the difference Mercedes isn't saying, but we do know that the X-Class has a stronger chassis than the Nissan thanks to additional reinforcement.

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5) SsangYong Musso 2.2-litre manual – 1,095kg

SsangYong Musso 2018 payload rating

SsangYong has introduced an all-new Musso pickup truck for 2018, and among the extensive list of improvements is a significant increase in payload capacity – taking it from joint-bottom of the class to fifth.

On top of this, you now get a seven-year warranty, and it can tow up to 3.5 tonnes while carrying over 1.0-tonne of payload. Yet it’s still the cheapest double cab pickup on sale. Worth a look.

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4) Toyota Hilux 2.4-litre Active – 1,130kg

Toyota Hilux payload rating

Now we’re talking. If you’ve got heavy stuff to haul, the legendary Toyota Hilux offers a massive 71kg advantage over its old foe the Nissan Navara, with a maximum payload rating of 1,130kg available from the entry-level Active specification. Fancier models carry 1,120kg.

Despite this it still misses out on a top three finish here – which just goes to show the strength of the modern pickup market. And while the Hilux has a lovely interior these days, with relatively decent comfort levels, too, it is rather slow.

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3) Isuzu D-Max 1.9-litre Eiger – 1,136kg

Isuzu D-Max payload rating

Unusually, the highest payload variant of the D-Max isn’t the entry-level Utility working variant – it’s the first of the lifestyle models, badged Eiger. The difference is apparently due to the lighter weight of the Eiger's standard alloy wheels, whcih save 20kg over the steel items fitted on the Utility.

The D-Max has also seen payload ratings improve in 2017, thanks to the introduction of its new 1.9-litre engine – which replaced the larger 2.5-litre motor without any compromise to the 3.5-tonne towing capacity. It’s quieter and more fuel-efficient now, too.

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2) VW Amarok 3.0 V6 TDI Trendline – 1,154kg

VW Amarok payload rating

The Amarok V6 is only available in Trendline or Highline specification at the time of writing – which means lots of standard kit, including an eight-speed automatic gearbox on all models. That 3.0-litre engine packs a massive punch, too.

Despite all this, Volkswagen also gives you a huge 1,154kg of payload capacity on the Trendline (dropping to 1,112kg on the Highline), thanks to a chunky 3,290kg gross vehicle weight (GVW) allowance. Shame it’s only homologated to tow 3.1-tonnes in the UK, though.

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1) Ford Ranger 2.2-litre XL – 1,217kg

Ford Ranger payload rating

Crushing all its rivals into the dust, the double cab pickup with the biggest payload available in the UK is the Ford Ranger – the entry-level XL model with the smaller 2.2-litre engine able to carry a massive 1,217kg. Which is more than some medium-sized vans.

Even the minimum Ranger double cab payload is 1,059kg – that’s the top-spec 3.2-litre Wildtrak automatic. For your further reference, the 3.2 costs 48kg, the auto 19kg, versus equivalent 2.2 and manual gearbox variants. Just another reason the Ranger is the UK’s best-selling pickup, no doubt...

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