Citroen e-Relay large electric van on sale in 2021: latest details

  • Electric version of Citroen Relay officially unveiled
  • Promises up to 140-mile driving range, 1,215kg payload
  • Official Citroen product, but converted by third party

Citroen pulled off a genuine surprise at the 2019 Commercial Vehicle Show by revealing an electric version of the Relay large van for the first time ever. The new Citroen e-Relay, as we've subsequently learned the production version will be called, was shown alongside an equivalent Peugeot e-Boxer. Both are now set to go on sale in early 2021.

Keep reading for the all official info on this new electric van - or check out our full list of the future electric vans coming soon.

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What’s the driving range of the Citroen e-Relay electric van?

The example shown at the 2019 CV Show was the smallest possible L1H1 variant – that’s the shortest body length and the lowest roof height – and Citroen claims it will travel between 99 and 140 miles per charge using a 44kW battery pack.

How long does it take to charge the Citroen e-Relay electric van?

This depends on the charger, but Citroen is claiming 16 hours on a regular plug, eight hours on a single-phase dedicated electric vehicle charger, and seven hours on three-phase charger.

Citroen Relay Electric large van - CV Show 2019, rear view

Best plug it in overnight, then.

How powerful is the Citroen e-Relay and how fast does it go?

The electric motor delivers the equivalent of 96hp – not much for a large van.

This is reflected in its top speed, which is limited to 55mph (a decision that no doubt helps extend the driving range).

What’s the maximum payload of the Citroen e-Relay?

This is the all-important area of concern with electric vans, as the battery technology is heavy.

Citroen Relay Electric large van - CV Show 2019, Pure Electric badge

Good news here is that Citroen is claiming the Relay Electric will carry as much as 1,215kg – which is a lot for an electric van.

Is the electric Relay built by Citroen?

The basic van is actually built on Citroen's behalf by Fiat - and Fiat will be producing its own electric version of the Ducato. But the Relay will be converted to electric drive on Citroen's behalf by a partner company called BD Auto.

This is the same approach that VW has taken with its e-Caddy and e-Transporter electric vans – which are actually going to be built by ABT.

Citroen Relay Electric large van - CV Show 2019, front view

The advantages are speed of production – we weren’t expecting to see an electric Relay until the next generation model, which isn’t due for a couple of years yet.

How much is the Citroen e-Relay electric van and when does it go on sale?

This is all a bit vague at the moment, but you should brace yourself to pay around £60,000 if rival vehicles from Renault and LDV are anything to go by.

As for when it will arrive, the latest info we have is that they'll go on sale in early 2021 - a slight delay over original estimates and after the new Citroen e-Dispatch medium electric van hits the showrooms in autumn 2020. A Citroen e-Berlingo small electric van is also set to launch later in 2021.

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