2019 Renault Master facelift – pricing and full details of new-look large van

  • Completely redesigned front-end, more stylish and practical cab
  • Enhanced safety technology, including optional rear-view camera system
  • Upgraded engines now with up to 180hp and 15% better fuel economy

UPDATE: We have now driven the 2019 Renault Master facelift, click here to read the full review.

Renault has revealed a new version of its Master large van. On sale from September 2019, the updated Renault Master features a new-look front end, redesigned cab interior, upgraded safety technology and improved 2.3-litre engines.

Keep reading for all the official details of the 2019 Renault Master.

What’s changed about the way the Renault Master looks?

As we had guessed from the spy photographs we published earlier in 2019, the main changes to the way the new Master looks come at the front – this large van has literally been given a facelift.

2019 Renault Master - at launch event in France, front view, Urban Grey

There are modifications to the lights, the grille, the bumpers, the badge and the height of the bonnet, all part of a plan to introduce a uniform new look to the Renault light commercial vehicle (LCV) range.

As such, you’ll see similar detailing – such as the C-shaped lighting signature – on the facelifted 2019 Renault Trafic unveiled alongside the Master in April 2019, and on the latest Alaskan pickup (which still hasn’t been confirmed for the UK).

The Master's more upright grille and higher bonnet line are intended to make it tougher looking, while also helping meet the latest crash safety regulations.

The larger grille also helps the engines breathe better, enabling them to meet the latest emissions regulations.

What’s new about the cab interior of the 2019 Renault Master?

The cab also gets a major makeover, bringing not only a sleeker look but even more storage - much of which is now covered - creating what Renault claims is a class-leading 105-litres of stuff space as a result.

2019 Renault Master facelift - cab interior, automatic gearbox

There’s a stack load of new chrome accents as well – check out the steering wheel, the air vents and the gearknob – plus a revised instrument cluster and fully integrated infotainment screen, which runs a new generation of multimedia systems.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available on some models now, too. There’s also a docking station in the centre of the dashboard suitable for digital tablets.

2019 Renault Master - at launch event in France, cab interior

The new upholstery is also said to be longer-lasting.

What’s less impressive is that some of the new features – an Easy Life tray system above the glove box, an Easy Life drawer that replaces the glovebox, and wireless phone charging – won't be coming to the UK as they don't work well with right-hand drive and our keeness for passenger airbags.

What are the safety upgrades for the new 2019 Renault Master?

The most innovative new safety item is the Rear View Assist – a first for the large van segment, this is a camera system that shows a live rear view at the top of the windscreen when you’re driving.

2019 Renault Master facelift - Rear View Assist camera system

It’s similar to the system already available in the Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner and Vauxhall Combo. Hopefully it works a bit better in this big Renault, as our experience with it in these small vans has been rather underwhelming – image quality (especially at night) rendering it nearly pointless.

Also new for the 2019 Master is side wind assistance, blindspot monitors, front parking sensors and autonomous emergency braking (AEB) – though we’re disappointed to note that the AEB is only optional.

Does the 2019 Renault Master get any new engines?

The engines are still 2.3-litre units, but they have been upgraded to meet the latest emissions requirements.

2019 Renault Master facelift - white, front view, driving

Using twin-turbocharger technology, they also produce up to 180hp and 400Nm of torque, while fuel economy is said to be improved as much as 15%.

Exact power output availability depends on the exact Master version, but 130hp, 135hp, 145hp, 150hp, 165hp and 180hp variants will be offered.

A six-speed manual gearbox is standard, with a six-speed semi-automatic available on some versions.

2019 Renault Master facelift - ZE electric van, plugged in to charge

As before, an all-electric version called the Master ZE will be offered alongside the diesels, and in a choice of six versions.

>> Renault Master ZE electric van review

Any changes to the load area of the new Renault Master?

Optional LED lighting, the addition of ergonomic handles at every door way, and an optional polypropylene lining. That’s your lot.

2019 Renault Master - at launch event in France, load area, rear doors

However, available in 350 different variants, 10 body sizes over three heights and four lengths, and with load space ranging from 8.0 cubic metres to 22.0 cubic metres, the Master remains a versatile choice of van.

How much does the new Renault Master cost and when does it go on sale?

UK pricing starts at £26,350 (excluding VAT), which is actuaally £70 less than before, despite an increase in standard equipment.

Available in Business and Business+ trim levels, it's on sale now with first deliveries in September 2019.

For full driving impressions and hands-on info about the new interior see our updated Renault Master full review.

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