RWD Ford Transit now available with 10-speed automatic gearbox

  • New auto gearbox for heavy-duty Transits
  • Only available on 170hp rear-wheel drive models
  • Same transmission is used by the Ranger and Mustang

Announced when Ford facelifted the Transit in 2019, a new 10-speed automatic transmission option for heavy duty rear-wheel drive models has now reached production and will soon be available from dealers in the UK.

While new to the Transit for 2020, this same gearbox is already used in a diverse range of Ford vehicles – from the Ranger pickup to the Mustang performance car. We’ve driven it extensively in both, so can already assure you it’s an excellent automatic and adds another string to the Transit’s bow.

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What are the advantages of the Transit 10-speed auto?

Ford says it’s done ‘intensive performance and durability testing’ on the 10-speed transmission to make sure it suitable for use in a large van such as the Transit.

As such, it reckons it is particularly suited to heavy duty use where ease of driving is a particular advantage – including supermarket grocery delivery vehicles, minibuses, motorhomes and emergency vehicles.

Ford Transit 10-speed automatic gearbox - 2020, heavy duty Transits

It’s said to be good for towing, too, and rated to do so with trailers up to 2,800kg (2.8-tonnes). Maximum gross train weight (or gross train mass – GTM – as Ford has it) is 6,100kg.

The gearbox is described as ‘intelligent’ – which we guess it needs to be when dealing with so many ratios. But because it has 10 speeds it offers a much greater spread of gearing; together with ‘real-time adaptive shift scheduling’ this helps it to be more responsive and more economical. It should also make the engine quieter when cruising.

Example claimed fuel economy is 24.3mpg, according to the latest WLTP testing procedures.

Is the 10-speed available on every Transit engine?

No. The new gearbox is restricted to 170hp versions of the 2.0-litre EcoBlue turbodiesel engine, and fitted to rear-wheel drive (RWD) heavy duty models only.

It works with single and dual-wheel rear axles, though, and on vans with gross vehicle weights (gross vehicle mass – GVM – as Ford has it) of 3,500-4,600kg.

Ford Transit 10-speed automatic gearbox - 2020, Transit minibus

Panel van, chassis cab and minibus models are available with the 10-speed transmission, and we expect it will be popular with converters as well.

Is there an automatic version of the front-wheel drive Transit?

You can already get a six-speed automatic transmission for front-wheel drive (FWD) Ford Transits – and the same one is used in the Transit Custom.

Ford Transit 10-speed automatic gearbox - 2020, gear shifter for automatic transmission

However, this is a much older gearbox design, and not as nice or efficient in use as this modern 10-speed unit.

When does the Transit 10-speed automatic go on sale and how much does it cost?

Prices start at £37,210 on the road (excluding VAT), and it’s available to order now.

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