Toughest Transit ever – new 5.0-tonne variant for top Ford van

  • Increased gross vehicle weight for heavier loads
  • Suitable for conversions – including public services and minibuses
  • Upgraded engine, powertrain and other components

The Ford Transit has a new flagship model with a 5.0-tonne (5,000kg) gross vehicle mass rating, hailed by the Blue Oval as its toughest Transit ever. The new 5.0-tonne Transit provides increased payload for heavy duty operators, and comes with a number of strengthened features to suit its new capabilities.

These include a Heavy Duty Truck (HDT) version of the 170hp 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine, while driving refinement can be further improved by the optional 10-speed automatic transmission.

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What’s this gross vehicle mass business?

Gross vehicle mass (GVM) is Ford-speak for gross vehicle weight (GVW), and refers to the total legal weight of the van including everything on board – and that means the people in the cab as well as the stuff in the back.

New Ford Transit 5.0-tonne, 2020, panel van front, blue

Most large vans have a 3.5-tonne GVW, which is the maximum you’re allowed to drive on standard driving licence, and though some rivals do go heavier, few achieve the 5.0-tonne rating of this new Transit.

What’s the payload?

Ford is making the 5.0-tonne Transit available in a number of variants. Targeting the conversion market, chassis cabs are expected to be most appealing, covering three wheelbases, four frame lengths and a choice of single- or double-cab seating – meaning up to seven people on board, including the driver.

New Ford Transit 5.0-tonne, 2020, chassis cab rear view

With a factory-fitted flatbed body, payload is as much as 2,558kg – though absolute maximum payload for a bare chassis cab is 2,886kg, which should give tipper converters, minibus builders and emergency service providers plenty of headroom.

You can also get a panel van with the 5.0t rating. As an L4 high roof ‘jumbo’ model, this provides 2,383kg of payload and 15.1 cubic metres of load space – enough for five Euro pallets.

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What’s been reinforced?

Starting with that jumbo panel van, this gets reinforced bodysides for improved durability when dealing with heavy cargo.

Beyond this, uprated mechanicals include new hub assemblies, wheels (with wider tyres), and rear brakes. The 5t Transit also brings a 3,500kg-rated rear axle to Europe for the first time – something that’s already seen service in North America.

New Ford Transit 5.0-tonne, 2020, panel van load area

Finally, under the bonnet you’ll find the 2.0-litre 170hp turbodiesel engine, promising increased durability in new HDT specification. This drives the rear wheels on all 5.0-tonne Transits, and provides 390Nm of torque.

The optional 10-speed auto, which is available on more mundane RWD Transits as well, allows the engine to perform at maximum efficiency more of the time. It’s also smart enough to adapt its gear shifting to suit the way it’s being used in the moment. The same transmission is also used to good effect in the Ford Ranger.

When can I buy one?

The new 5,000kg GVM Transit will be available from Ford dealers in November 2020. We’ve asked for pricing, and will update this page as soon as we’ve got some.

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