Money-saving ServiceCare Maintenance plans from Mercedes-Benz Vans

  • Priced at £360 for an A and B service this new offer seems like good value
  • Pay in advance or spread the cost over 12 months, manage you servicing costs
  • Available on most Sprinters, Vitos and Citans, but only a limited-time deal

Mercedes-Benz Vans ServiceCare Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz Vans is launching new ServiceCare Maintenance plans to help its customers manage the cost of servicing.

Not only does the ServiceCare Maintenance package help you spread the cost of two services, at a fixed price of £360 (plus VAT) it also represents a substantial discount of up £96 compared with paying for a pair of services in the normal way.

However, the offer is – weirdly – limited. So you’ll have to move fast if you want to take advantage of the savings.

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What’s included in the Mercedes Vans ServiceCare Maintenance plan?

ServiceCare Maintenance is a package deal for two routine services of any Mercedes-Benz Van – an A service and a B service, which will collectively see items such as the air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter and brake fluid renewed.

What’s more, you get access to ‘out-of-hours’ servicing provision at no extra cost, so you can get your van seen to at a time that best suits you, minimising profit-eating downtime.

As with any official Mercedes Vans servicing, you also get free MobiloVan roadside assistance as part of the deal. This is a Europe-wide assistance service with 24/7 response.

Which vans qualify?

The package is available on most 2006-onwards Mercedes Sprinter large vans, most Mercedes Vito medium vans from 2015 to May 2020, and most Mercedes Citan small vans.

The exceptions are all vans with automatic transmissions, V6-engined Sprinters with the OM642 engine and Vito 639 models.

You’ll also notice that the X-Class pickup doesn’t qualify.

What are the savings?

The plan costs £360 regardless of the size of the van – which means the bigger your vehicle, the more you will save.

On the Sprinter, for example, £360 for an A and B service works out at a £96 reduction, while on the Vito it will save you £84. On the Citan, the saving is a much more modest £36 – but still surely worth having.

How do I pay for a Mercedes ServiceCare Maintenance plan?

You can either pay the whole cost up front, or choose to spread payments over 12 months. Either may help you manage your servicing costs and help keep your van running in tip-top condition.

What’s the small print?

As well as excluding all vans with automatic gearboxes – and the engine variants listed above – ServiceCare Maintenance can only be purchased for vans that have been registered for at least 90 days.

So you can’t have one if you’re buying a brand new van. Probably because Mercedes is still keen to sell one of its regular service plans at this point.

Similarly, you can’t buy a ServiceCare Maintenance package if you’ve already got a service plan.

How long does the offer last?

The deal runs until 31 December 2020 – or until 500 ServiceCare Maintenance plans have been purchased.

That’s right, this is a limited-time offer. So if you think it might work for you, probably best to see your local Mercedes Vans dealer soon rather than later.

This is a contrast to Volkswagen vans, which has added 0% finance for its servicing and repairs as an on-going scheme.

There’s more info on the Mercedes-Benz Vans website, too.

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