New VW Amarok – official pictures, details of next-gen pickup

  • New teaser sketch of next-generation Volkswagen Amarok pickup
  • Based on same platform as 2022 Ford Ranger, and built by Ford
  • VW promises it will be a 'genuine Volkswagen' with 'clear DNA'

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has released another design sketch of its next-generation Amarok pickup truck. Set to go on sale in late 2022, the Mk2 VW Amarok will be built as a joint-venture with Ford and share its platform and factory with the next Ranger.

The second new Amarok teaser image was revealed at VWCV's annual press conference in Hanover, taking place on 25 March, 2021.

There are few more concrete details, but Volkswagen's van CEO is promising that it will have clear VW DNA and not just be a rebadged Ford Ranger.

What does this new image of the 2022 Amarok tell us?

If you've seen the previous image (as per a little further down this page) the new Amarok design sketch won't come as big surprise or shock - 12 months on, the two pictures are remarkably consistent, suggesting the design has been fixed for a while now.

Both teaser images feature the now familiar VW full-width grille, which blends straight into narrow headlights and is surrounded by some very chunky and attractive detailing. We like the orange highlights, too. The newer picture is far more refined, however, with more realism in the wheels and other features.

Will the second-generation Amarok look different to the 2022 Ranger?

Our resident pickup nerd, Richard Kilpartrick, has picked up (pun intended) a few areas that may be familiar to current Ranger drivers, while also pointing out that it seems to differ from the early prototype of the next-generation Ranger that was caught out in the open in 2019.

'These renderings differ quite a lot from the prototype Ranger we've seen already - but they have a couple of elements that link it rather neatly to the current Ranger,' says Richard.

2022 VW Amarok design sketch - original

'Seeing through the concept to pickup reality, suggests a more evolutionary approach. Not only has the Amarok's window line gone from a straight edge to having a small Ford-like kink on the rear doors, the bonnet line - almost clamshell above the headlights and flowing into the windscreen pillars - could be lifted straight from the current Ranger!

'Most pickups are evolutionary - from the L200's dramatic restyles, to the steady progress of the Isuzu TF; this suggests the Amarok will benefit from the more mature Ranger's development - and perhaps we'll see engine and all-wheel drive transmission technology from VW moving Ford's well-established truck forward and more upmarket.'

How similar are the 2022 Amarok and next Ranger?

Since announcing their strategic alliance - codenamed Project Cyclone, no less - Ford and Volkswagen have made no secret of their plans to share costs on production and development of their next generation of commercial vehicles. The joint Ranger and Amarok are set to be second fruit of this tie-up, after the new Caddy Cargo and Ford city van.

There have been Volkswagen teams embedded at Ford’s commercial vehicle headquarters at Dunton in Essex for some time now, working alongside the Blue Oval on the design development of the new products the two van giants will be building together - and this is also the case in other areas where the new commercial vehicles will be built.

Ford is leading development on the new pickup, and this is largely taking place in Australia. Ford will also build both the Ranger and the Amarok in its factory in South Africa. 

However, VW Commercial Vehicle CEO, Carsten Intra, is promising that the Amarok will be a 'genuine Volkswagen' and will be quite distinct from the new Ranger.

'It's not just going to be a fantastic pickup,' he said. 'It's going to be a genuine Volkswagen too - with clear DNA in both technology and design.'

We can't confirm this, but it implies VW may use its own engines, for instance, as well as its own infotainment systems and so on.

Will there be a high-performance Amarok R to rival the Ranger Raptor?

Too early to say for sure, but German motoring title Auto Bild has reported that an Amarok R could be on the cards. Suggestion this would likely be powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine with around 300hp.

Such a set-up would certainly have more oomph than the current 213hp Ranger Raptor - and we've often lamented that the engine is the Raptor's weakest link.

We suspect VW would be more likely to produce a road-biased performance pickup; the Ranger Raptor places its emphasis on high-speed off-road driving and the suspension and chassis modifications necessary to achieve this.

An Amarok R might actually be easier to adapt from the standard vehicle - so we wouldn't rule it out. The current Raptor is very highly modified compared with a regular Ranger.

What happened to the original Amarok?

As we were one of the first media outlets to report, production of the previous Amarok stopped in May 2020, so that VW could begin preparing the factory to build the new ID Buzz electric van.

We’ll bring you more info on the all-new Amarok as soon as it becomes available.

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