Is it still sensible to buy a Mitsubishi commercial vehicle?

  • Mitsubishi will no longer sell new vehicles in the UK by the end of 2021
  • For now you can still buy a new L200, with 10 years' of support
  • Mitsubishi aftersales business sold to Isuzu D-Max importers

Mitsubishi is withdrawing from the UK, following a decision by Mitsubishi Japan to stop developing vehicles suitable for regulations in this part of the world. So should you still buy a new L200? Let's find out.

The end of UK Mitsubishi sales was announced in July 2020, but you will still be able to buy a new Mitsubishi up until around autumn 2021 – which is when stocks of the current range are expected to run out.

In terms of light commercial vehicles, this will mean the end of the Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck in 2021, as well as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Commercial and the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Commercial, which are both commercial 4x4 conversions of passenger SUV models.

Is it a good idea to buy a new Mitsubishi when the company is about to exit the UK?

Well, if you were going to buy one anyway, there’s probably no reason not to now. Especially as the UK importer - the Colt Car Company - has just sold its aftersales business to International Motors Ltd, the automotive arm of the IM Group and the firm that imports the Isuzu D-Max pickup as well as Subaru cars.

The supply of parts, servicing, aftersales, warranty coverage and recall operations for the current range will be supported for at least 10 years into the future. Possibly longer for models that continue in their current form elsewhere in the world.

The L200 remains a quality pickup truck, that although down in engine power versus every rival remains good to drive, capable and strong value.

Mitsubishi is leaving the UK commercial 4x4 market - white Outlander PHEV Commercial

The Mitsubishi commercial 4x4 range also has unique appeal, with the Outlander PHEV being the only hybrid van of this type available (and it’s not looking like any rival will be stepping into its shoes anytime soon, either).

Will my L200 plummet in value after Mitsubishi leaves the UK?

There’s no sign that this is going to happen. With continued aftersales support – which is largely expected to come from the existing dealer network, which will become Mitsubishi Service Centres – the L200 and other Mitsubishi commercial vehicles will continue to be perfectly reasonable second-hand choices for at least the next decade.

In fact, thanks to the measured way Mitsubishi has planned its withdrawal from the UK, and the continued relevance and tough reputation of its SUV and 4x4 model range, the firm has reported that used residual values have actually increased on some of its vehicles in the months since the original announcement, and otherwise remain strong.

Mitsubishi is leaving the UK car market - red L200

While there’s no guarantee about what a vehicle will be worth when selling it used in the future, Mitsubishi is adamant there will be no ‘fire sale’ of remaining stock – so the market shouldn’t be flooded with super-cheap nearly new vehicles.

You can use the Parkers valuation tool to check how much your L200 is worth at any time.

Who will service my Mitsubishi when the company has left the UK?

This will most likely be the same dealer network that sold it to you in the first place.

Nearly all the existing dealers have remained with Mitsubishi since learning about the end of new vehicle sales. And following the transference of the aftersales business to International Motors - which will take place on 1 October 2021 - most are set to become Mitsubishi Service Centres and are intending to continue serving their loyal customers.

Mitsubishi is leaving the UK vehicle market - white Shogun Sport Commercial

The deal with the IM Group will see the creation of a new subsidiary business called IM MAPS (UK), which will trade under the Mitsubishi Motors banner. More than this, it will be staffed by existing Mitsubishi UK aftersales team members and continue to operate from the current Mitsubishi UK headquarters in Cirencester.

This should mean a consistent standard of service is maintained after the transition.

What happens to the warranty on my Mitsubishi after the firm leaves the UK?

Mitsubishi – through its UK representative, initially the Colt Car Company, then IM MAPS (UK) / Mitsubishi Motors from October 2021 – is legally obliged to maintain existing warranty coverage for all customers, so there should be no change to warranty support at all.

The same goes for parts supply, general aftersales and any recall activity that may be required in the future – as well as servicing.

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