Brand new Renault Kangoo revealed – on sale in 2021

  • Official details of the production version of the new Kangoo
  • Very spacious small van with large load capacity
  • Will form the basis of a new all-electric Kangoo ZE

In a brilliant stroke of timing, Renault chose the same day to unveil its ‘all-new’ Kangoo small van that Ford chose to announced details of its new E-Transit electric van. So if you missed the Renault Kangoo’s arrival, don’t feel too bad about it.

We first saw the new Kangoo in concept form at the end of 2019, but these are the first official images and details of the production model, which goes on sale in 2021. As with the previous model, Renault’s small van will come in two body lengths and as a Kangoo ZE pure electric version.

So what’s new?

Renault is calling the 2021 Kangoo ‘all-new’ but is being cagey about the engineering details. But while as yet there is no official information, we believe the platform will be new as well - great news given the current Kangoo dates back to 2008.

What we can say for sure is that it does have the ‘bold, completely new exterior’ Renault says it does – this is one smart-looking little van, in a much more conventionally attractive way than the all-new Volkswagen Caddy Cargo.

2021 Renault Kangoo small van, cab interior, close up

There’s also a brand new interior, with a car-like design similar to that of the latest Renault Clio. This should be great news for quality, while the heavily horizontal design is said to be packed with useful storage spaces.

The seats are also ‘completely redesigned’ for enhanced comfort and durability.

Does the 2021 Kangoo come with any new tricks?

Expect this to be optional – or at least limited to fancier trim levels – but the new Kangoo will be available with a Permanent Rear View Camera. This is new for the small Renault, but already available on the Renault Master large van, as well as rival small vans the Vauxhall Combo Cargo, Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo.

More intriguing still is what’s cheerfully described as Easy Side Access. This is a side entry system that removes the pillar behind the front door, creating a loading / access point that’s 1,416mm wide – twice that of the previous Kangoo.

Sadly it seems very likely that, given the engineering complexities of this, it will only be available on left-hand drive models, and so won't be coming to the UK.

However, the Easy Inside Rack, a sort of retractable interior storage system that allows you to carry large objects off the floor, is set to come to the UK. More on that as soon as we have it.

How big is the new Renault Kangoo?

It will come in two sizes. The small model – described as the standard van – will offer between 3.3 and 3.9 cubic metres of storage space; the longer version has 4.2-4.9 cubic metres of load volume, and will probably be called the Maxi (though that's not confirmed).

2021 Renault Kangoo small van, front view, silver, being loaded

We believe the larger figures will apply when there’s a folding bulkhead or other means of load through to the passenger area. But even without that the new Kangoo is shaping up to be considerably larger inside than the new Caddy Cargo, which is limited to 3.1 cubic metres at its standard length and 3.7 cubic metres as the longer Maxi.

Any news on the engines – or the electric version?

Renault hasn’t made any noises about what’s under the bonnet of the new Kangoo, except to say that there will be a Kangoo ZE electric version – which is the form the concept shown in 2019 took.

There are no details of the driving range or performance of the electric model yet, but given Renault’s expertise in this area we’d expect this to be a class-leading product when it arrives, perhaps using similar technology to the newly launched Renault Zoe Van.

How much will it cost?

Too early to say. At the moment all we know for sure is that the new Kangoo will go on sale in 2021, which is also when Renault says the full details and pricing will be revealed.

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