Ford Smart Mirror now available for Transit and Transit Custom

  • Uses video display mirror and small rear-mounted camera
  • Improves visibility, aims to reduce accidents, unnecessary costs
  • Available now on new vans and as a retro-fit accessory

Ford has introduced a new ‘Smart Mirror’ for its van range, which will help drivers of vans with windowless rear doors to see better when driving and parking. We’ve got a video of it in action below.

The Smart Mirror uses a fairly simple technology set-up with a camera on the back of the van displaying a permanent live video feed to a mirror-shaped digital screen fitted to where you’d usually find a conventional interior rear-view mirror at the top of the windscreen inside the cab.

The digital screen has automatic brightness control for use at night, while the camera has a very wide field-of-view. This means the driver has a wide view of the road behind at all times, which can also help with parking without the use of a reversing camera.

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Which vans are compatible with the Ford Smart Mirror?

The Smart Mirror is available for Ford Transit and Ford Transit Custom vans that have windowless rear doors. You can order it on a new van, but the system is also able to be retro-fitted to older vans by any Ford dealer across the country.

Ford Smart Mirror rear camera, 2021

While this technology is not unique to Ford – Stellantis and Renault already offer something similar on a few of their models – this is the first time it’s been made available as a retro-fit for older vans.

It’s also yet another positive mark for the Transit and Transit Custom – the latter having already secured the 2021 Parkers Van of the Year award as well as being the UK’s most popular van.

Where is the Ford Smart Mirror most useful?

Ford says that this new Smart Mirror will be particularly handy to those who drive in the city a lot, as incidents involving people on bikes and e-scooters are on the rise in those areas. The new mirror is an extra safety device to help spot these other road users earlier.

Doing double-duty as a reversing camera should also reduce the instances of drivers backing into stuff, good news for uptime and preventing unnecessary costs and insurance issues.

Where can I get the Ford Smart Mirror and how much does it cost?

The Smart Mirror is available at any Ford dealer – there are hundreds across the UK – and it can be added to any Transit model from 2014 onwards and Transit Custom models from 2012 onwards.

Ford says the new technology will be in the May 2021 pricelist, and is expected to be priced close to £675.

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