Ford SecuriAlert is new name for Ford Guard Mode, still boosts van security

  • Enhanced security system that's part of FordPass Pro has a new name
  • Smartphone alerts to warn owners about unauthorised access attempts
  • Even works if a stolen key or relay attack is used to break into your van

In 2020, Ford launched Guard Mode as a free van security update for Transits and Ranger pickups compatible with the FordPass Pro smartphone app and FordPass Connect on-board modem. That system is now called Ford SecuriAlert, and available on a wider ranger of FordPass-equipped vehicles.

The original Guard Mode launched on Transit, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom, plus Transit Connect, Fiesta Van and the Ranger pickup equipped with the FordPass Connect modem, which was made standard from around mid-2019.

Now renamed Ford SecuriAlert, it's also available on passenger cars with FordPass Connect.

The novelty - and benefit - of this system is that it goes beyond a conventional alarm system to offer (some) defence against break-ins, key theft and relay attacks.

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How does it all work?

Ford SecuriAlert is an add-on for the existing FordPass and FordPass Pro smartphone apps, which are available to download for Apple iPhone and Android devices via the usual app stores.

Ford Pass Pro Guard Mode update - 2021, smartphone app in use

Guard Mode began appearing in the FordPass Pro app automatically in 2020, so if you've been using that app you already have it. You may also have noticed that it recently changed to become SecuriAlert - we did, as it changed for our Ranger Raptor long-term test vehicle.

Regardless of name, it works by providing real-time alerts via push notifications. So should anyone try to access the doors, open the bonnet or start the engine of the Ford vehicle (or vehicles) linked to the app, you'll get an alert on your phone telling you about it.

How does it prevent theft via a stolen key or a relay attack?

Well, it won’t necessarily stop the theft, but it will alert you that bad things are happening. For once you’ve switched the system on via your phone - done via the same screen as the lock and unlock function in the app - it will notify you even if someone opens the door or starts the engine using an authorised key.

In other words, the sort of thing a conventional alarm system would do nothing to prevent.

In the same way, Ford SecuriAlert also works against relay attacks where an electronic device is used to extend the range of any keyless entry or keyless start system fitted to the vehicle, allowing it to be opened and started even if the keys are safely in your house.

You can use it at any time, but SecuriAlert is really intended for the evenings and weekends, when you might not be keeping a particularly close eye on your van, pickup or car.

How much does it cost?

It costs absolutely nothing – it's a free update, increasing the usefulness of FordPass.

It's also an example of an update being rolled-out by Ford using its built-in Over-The-Air (OTA) updating process that comes as part of the FordPass Connect package. So you won’t have to visit a dealer or service centre to take advantage of the heightened security it offers.

What’s more, while FordPass Connect used to be a cost option on some vehicles, as of mid-2019 all compatible Ford van and pickup models get this as standard equipment, allowing more people to take advantage of the Guard Mode, SecuriAlert and other FordPass Pro features.

Ford SecuriAlert is the new name for Ford Guard Mode - and now it's available for cars as well as vans and pickups

Many Ford cars have the connectivity feature as standard now, too. 

Which vans are available with Ford SecuriAlert?

All of the following Ford commercial vehicles are compatible with FordPass Pro which means they can also have Guard Mode and subsequently SecuriAlert, as long as they have the FordPass Connect modem installed:

The only van that misses out is the Ford Transit Courier, which isn’t available with FordPass Connect.

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