Suzuki Jimny could become a van in 2021

  • Jimny’s days as a passenger vehicle are numbered
  • But it could stay on sale in the UK as a commercial 4x4
  • We take a look at its capability and where it might fit in the market

Suzuki Jimny off-roader could become a commercial 4x4 van in 2021 - driving through river

Commercial vehicle users looking for a small, off-road van that has a square but cute image could be in luck at the beginning of 2021. Thanks to tighter emissions legislations, the Suzuki Jimmy passenger car will be going off sale UK, but the company has hinted at the possibility of a van version being drafted in to replace it.

The Jimny is the winner of the 2020 Parkers Off-roader of the Year Award, so it could prove a capable choice, even if it is rather small.

So, why make a van out of the Jimny?

Suzuki wants to keep bringing it into the UK. But the European Union’s 2021 emission regulations for passenger cars make that a difficult task when all carmakers need to maintain a fleet-wide average for CO2 emissions of less than 95g/km. And with a CO2 output of 154g/km, the surprisingly old-tech Jimny is nowhere near this figure.

Creating the van version should reduce demand (and numbers sold), and crucially will allow the Jimny to sidestep the tough fleet-wide penalties for selling too many (relatively) high-polluting vehicles.

What would the Suzuki Jimny commercial look like?

Very much as it does today - probably with its rear windows plated out or wrapped in security vinyl and the (largely useless) rear seats removed. The car version of the Suzuki Jimny boasts a loadspace figure of 850 litres with the rear seats folded – so a van version might see that figure rise to 900 litres or so.

Suzuki Jimny - winner of the 2020 Parkers Off-roader of the Year Award

As there are very few Car Derived Vans (CDVs) of a comparable size sold these days, its closest rival would be the Ford Fiesta Van, which has a slightly larger load bay of 960 litres. But if you wanted to take that one off-road, you’d be highly disappointed.

There are a number of other commercial 4x4s available, including versions of the Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rover Discovery. All of these are much larger than the Jimny, however, and the Suzuki should be substantially cheaper.

Vauxhall’s recently introduced Combo Cargo 4x4 is also very pricey.

Is the Suzuki Jimny passenger vehicle dead for good?

We hear that it won’t necessarily be the end of the passenger version of the Jimny, as the company will be keen to return to one its most lucrative markets powered by one of its more efficient mild-hybrid engines from the Suzuki Swift range at some point.

We’d rather hope that if that’s the case, they’ll continue selling the van version alongside it. Fingers crossed.

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