New Dacia Duster Commercial – full official details and pricing

  • New, budget-friendly van based on passenger SUV
  • Super-low starting price of just £11,995 before VAT but limited payload
  • Good choice of engines and trim, promising off-road capability

A new Dacia Duster Commercial is now on sale. Following on from the previous version, this is a van based on a passenger SUV – and like the original, the 2021 model majors on incredibly good value for money. Starting at just £11,995 before VAT, it makes all other commercial 4x4 rivals look very pricey indeed.

But that's partly because most models aren't four-wheel drive at all, and due to its light weight and relatively low payload, the new Duster Commercial actually qualifies as a car derived van (CDV).

This makes little practical difference in the real world, but it's so affordable that it even competes on price terms with the much smaller Ford Fiesta Van and Renault Zoe Van, while offering a much larger load space.

As with all commercial 4x4s and CDVs, the second-generation Dacia Duster Commercial requires some compromises compared with a conventional van. But it should also prove pleasant to drive, and the four-wheel drive models should prove very capable off-road – something a four-wheel drive van like the Vauxhall Combo Cargo 4x4 will charge you much, much more money for.

In another difference to most rivals, the Duster Commercial is available with a choice of petrol and diesel engines and comes in two trim levels. We’ve got full technical details and pricing, so keep reading for everything you need to know.

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What makes the Dacia Duster into a commercial vehicle?

Like other commercial 4x4s and car derived vans, this Dacia Duster starts life as a passenger vehicle, namely the Dacia Duster SUV. It’s then converted into a van by Renault Tech (Dacia is Renault’s budget brand, and Renault Tech is Renault’s in-house van conversion centre) via the removal of the rear seats and the blanking of the fixed rear side windows.

In place of the seats a carpeted load platform is installed, along with a bulkhead to protect passengers in the remaining front seats from things flying around in the back. There are four load-lashing hooks, too.

The load platform is completely flat, and raised to meet the leading edge of the rear bumper – so you’ll have to lift the load quite high but there’s no awkward lip to negotiate. Access is via the rear tailgate or the side doors, which continue to open in the same manner as the passenger version.

The existing rear parcel shelf from the passenger version remains available here, along with an extension to cover the forward part of the load area. There’s only a limited amount of room under these (337-441mm), but they will keep things away from prying eyes, and can be removed if required.

How big is the load area?

The 2021 Duster Commercial has a maximum loading length of 1,557mm on four wheel drive models and 1,505mm on two-wheel drive models. The minimum and maximum loading widths are 996mm and 1,247mm.

2021 Dacia Duster Commercial - terrible load area picture, official

The height between the load floor and the roof varies, with two-wheel drive versions offering a max of 918mm and four-wheel drive versions 818mm – the difference accounted for by the rear differential under the floor.

Overall cargo space is similarly affected, with two-wheel drive variants providing 1.5 cubic metres and four-wheel drive variants restricted to 1.31 cubic metres.

That's usefully bigger than the other car derived vans on the market, which are limited to around 1.0 cubic metre, but smaller than other commercial 4x4s.

What’s the payload?

Maximum payload for the Duster Commercial is 492kg, which applies to the most basic TCe 90 petrol model. The rest of the range can carry 486kg.

It probably goes without saying that this is a pretty limited amount of payload; even the Fiesta Van can handle more.

Every Duster Commerical has a relatively low ‘total authorised laden weight’ rating – more often known as gross vehicle weight or GVW)  with not even the heaviest four-wheel drive version broaching 2.0-tonnes (2,000kg). This is the technical reason it qualifies as a car derived van.

What’s the towing capacity?

This is also rather limited, ranging 588-698kg with an unbraked trailer and 1,358-1,458kg with a braked trailer.

What engines are available in the Duster Commercial?

Dacia is selling the Duster Commercial with two petrol engines and one diesel engine – though the diesel is available with four-wheel drive (4x4) as well as the standard two-wheel drive (4x2), so there are four drivetrain variants in all.

2021 Dacia Duster Commercial - front view, white

The entry-level petrol is the 1.0-litre, three-cylinder TCe 90, which uses a turbocharger to hit a heady 90hp and 160Nm; top speed is 103mph and 0-62mph takes 13.5 seconds. We’re starting to see why those payload ratings are so low.

The other petrol option is turbocharged 1.3-litre four-cylinder model badged TCe 130. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, this has a much more attractive 130hp, which together with 240Nm is enough to reach 120mph and do 0-62mph in 10.6 seconds.

It doesn’t accelerate as fast as the diesel, though. This Blue dCi 115 has 115hp and 260Nm, and can hit 0-62mph in 10.3 seconds. Top speed is 113mph for the 4x2 version and 108mph for the 4x4 version.

All Dacia Duster Commercials are fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox and meet the latest Euro 6D Full emissions regulations. WLTP fuel economy is 44.8-45.6mpg for the both petrols, 57.7mpg for the 4x2 diesel and 51.4mpg for the 4x4 diesel.

Will it be any good off-road?

It makes sense that the four-wheel drive diesel will be the prime choice if you’ve got tough off-roading in mind, as the ability to drive the rear axle as well as the front axle will improve traction when the going gets slippery.

The 4x4 does have a slightly lower departure angle of 33 degrees instead of 34, thanks to the rear diff – though the extra capability this provide surely makes up for that, and ground clearance is mildly higher at 210mm versus 205mm for the 4x2 versions.

All models have a 30-degree approach angle and a 350mm wading depth.

Is there a choice of trim levels?

The Duster Commercial comes in Essential and Comfort trim levels. Both have body-coloured bumpers, which might come as a disappointment to some – as repairing them after off-roading damage will be higher than with unpainted items.

2021 Dacia Duster Commercial - side view, white

Essential spec rides on 16-inch steel wheels, comes with roof bars, and treats its occupants to air-conditioning as well as electric front windows and a DAB radio with Bluetooth and USB connection. There’s a height-adjustable driver’s seat, too.

Comfort spec gets 16-inch alloy wheels, front foglights, satin chrome exterior detailing, body-coloured door handles and heated, electrically adjustable door mirrors on the outside.

On the inside there’s a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with satellite-navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a rear parking camera to complement the rear parking sensors. Plus some chrome trim, a ‘soft-feel’ steering wheel, a vanity mirror for the passenger and a light in the glovebox.

There are just three options to choose from: a spare wheel (which doesn’t reduce cargo space), metallic paint and – for the Comfort version – European mapping for the sat-nav.

How much does the Dacia Duster Commercial cost?

The new Dacia Duster Commercial is on-sale now. It is very, very cheap for a commercial 4x4 – the entry-level £11,999 ex-VAT price works out at just £15,309 on-the-road including VAT.

Sticking with the ex-VAT prices, stepping up from the basic TCe 90 petrol to the extra performance of the TCe 130 is just £1,350 more at £13,345; the 4x4 dCi 115 is just £400 more than that at £13,745. Though if you need the 4x4 that’s a heftier £15,645.

The difference between Essential and Comfort, meanwhile, is £1,400 across the board.

To put that into perspective, the basic ex-VAT starting price for a Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial is presently £29,066, while the Vauxhall Combo 4x4 van is £36,136. So while the Duster Commercial might be a little light on payload, it is most certainly also light on cost.

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