Best small vans 2019-2020

  • What is the best small van you can buy?
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  • What should you look for in a small van?

What is the best small van? There are a lot to choose from, so whether you're after a fleet for a large corporation or single van for your one-person business, Parkers Vans and Pickups is here to help.

We've driven every small panel van currently on sale in the UK, from the very newest models to the oldest stagers, and have ranked them all after considering every major factor.

For exampe, small vans should be easy to drive, but still offer a decent amount of payload to ensure that you stay within the law. Economical engines and a cabin that will withstand the rigours of daily working life are always important, too.

This is the Parkers Vans and Pickups list of the best small vans, counting down in reverse order:

9) Mercedes-Benz Citan

Mercedes Citan - where does it rank among the best small vans?

The Mercedes badge might be prestigious, but it doesn’t guarantee you get the best-in-class in the small van sector. Rather than a bespoke Mercedes product, the Citan is a re-engineered Renault Kangoo.

Built in Renault's factory in France, the Citan is powered by Renault engines is largely limited to a Renault grade interior.

Mercedes has made some tweaks under the skin, but these and the three-pointed star on the front hardly feel enough to justify the premium pricetag.

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8) Nissan NV200

Nissan NV200 - where does it rank among the best small vans?

The Nissan NV200 is a bit of an oddball. Its tall, narrow shape gives it great load volume for its size (4.2 cubic metres), and means you can nip between width restrictors with barely a glance.

However, the range is very limited - one body size, two trim levels and two diesel engines - and maximum payload is just 795kg. It feels a little top heavy to drive, too.

If you're after a diesel there are better options - and indeed Nissan is about to replace this van with the NV250. But the e-NV200 electric version is well worth considering if you're after a zero emissions solution and will continue to be on sale into 2020 and beyond.

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7) Renault Kangoo

Renault Kangoo - where does it rank among the best small vans?

The Renault Kangoo is definitely starting to feel its age now. The interior is horribly plasticky and not especially functional, while payload and load volume are both better but many rival small vans.

Still, it is available in a choice of body lengths, while the small diesel engines are pokey and reasonably real-world efficient - as long as you avoid the thirsty automatic version.

But as with the Nissan NV200, its real saving grace is the electric version. Badged Kangoo ZE, this is another small electric van triumph.

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6) Fiat Doblo Cargo

Fiat Doblo Cargo - where does it rank among the best small vans?

The Fiat Doblo Cargo is often cruelly overlooked in the small van market, yet it's one of the most practical models in the sector.

Every version has a huge maximum payload rating, there's a good, solid engine line-up, two body lengths and the cab interior is well thought-out.

You can even get a high-roof XL model. Worthy of some serious consideration.

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5) Volkswagen Caddy

VW Caddy - where does it rank among the best small vans?

The VW Caddy has the image and build quality to make other small vans weep - and because of this it holds its value very well, making it more affordable to lease than the list prices might suggest.

The cab interior is logical and functional and feels good to the touch, while the engines are efficient and engaging, meaning even the turbo petrols make sense.

Payload isn't that impressive these days, and they can be loud inside. But the Caddy remains a strong all-round choice.

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4) Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect - where does it rank among the best small vans? 2019

Already the biggest seller in the small van class, in late 2018 Ford introduced a major midlife update that makes the Transit Connect even more troublesome for its competitors.

A new 1.5-litre turbodiesel engine improved the already impressive claimed mpg, while the revised interior is nicer and easier to use.

As with all Fords, the Transit Connect is good to drive, too. But the bulkhead intrudes into the load area, and the latest rivals have some clever tricks up their sleeves.

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=1) Citroen Dispatch / Peugeot Partner / Vauxhall Combo Cargo

Vauxhall Combo (top), Citroen Berlingo (middle) and Peugeot Partner (bottom) - find out where they rank among the best small vans 2019

These are collectively brilliant small vans. Highlights include being comfortable and quiet to drive, with a functional cabin and the joint highest payload ratings in the sector, not to mention new tech including a overload sensor and clever camera system.

There are minor differences in spec between the three, and the Peugeot has a slightly Marmite i-Cockpit interior design, but any one of these represents a fine choice of versatile small van.

We reckon visit all three local dealers and see who'll give you the best price. In 2020 a Toyota Proace City joins this collective, too.

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