Adam Binnie

Adam Binnie

Editor, Bauer affiliates

Adam started helping his dad fix motorcycles shortly after he gained the ability to stand and has been fanatical about anything with an engine ever since.

He has been working at Parkers since 2015, having started working life as a newspaper reporter (who wrote about cars for the features team while his editor wasn't looking) and blogging about car news and journalism.

Since then he’s contributed road tests and reviews to both Parkers and CAR magazine, as well as other titles in the Bauer family, The Telegraph, and on-screen via our YouTube channel.

He's particularly interested in cars that make family life easier, offer plenty of bike transportation space, and manage to be entertaining to drive too. 

Some and Adam's top tips for Parkers readers are:

  • Take anything you use regularly with you on your test drive - child seats, pushchairs, etc - and make sure they fit
  • Test the back seats from the perspective of your passengers - are there enough USB sockets and places to store books or gadgets?
  • Get someone else to drive while you sit in the rear - the ride in some cars can vary hugely front to back

About his current role as New Cars Editor, Adam says: 'My job involves getting Parkers to the launch of anything with four wheels, planning and managing our busy events calendar, and organising our huge fleet of long termers.

'This involves driving a lot of new cars - from hatchbacks to pickup trucks and supercars - and this variety is the bit I enjoy the most.

'That said, I am partial to a fast estate, particularly one I can enjoy with my young family. Especially if it has a towbar (see below) and those little tunnels in the rear bench to help locate an Isofix.'

Adam is an expert in...

  • The best cars for families and bikes
  • Burgers
  • The Fast and Furious franchise
  • Rubik’s Cubes

Adam has been banned from mentioning mountain bikes in the Parkers office – luckily you can find out more about this by reading literally any of his long termer reports, where you’ll have no trouble finding at least two mounted to the towbar.

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