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Car leasing

We don't always have the cash on hand to buy a new car every three years – that's where car leasing (or Personal Contract Hire - PCH) comes in. Car leasing offers an alternative to purchasing a car up-front or arranging finance. You can adjust the length of the term, your expected annual mileage and the upfront amount you pay (known as the Initial Payment) to find a monthly payment that suits you.

If you have a good idea what your budget is beforehand, you might find you can get a better car than you thought possible. Here, you can run a car leasing comparison and select the best car lease deals on Parkers and get your shiny new car delivered to you nationwide.

There are also regular special offers available on this page, and they're constantly updated, so bookmark this page and keep checking in to see what's on offer.

Car leasing special offers

Best cars to lease

If you’re looking for an article telling you exactly what the best cars to lease are, you’re out of luck. Mostly because picking the best car to lease is so dependent on factors like price and practicality.

We do have some good news though. The best value lease cars all have one thing in common. They tend to be in stock. The best deals are reserved for what leasing companies physically have tucked away somewhere as well as what they can quickly get access to.

Factors like the resale value have a huge part to play in what’s good value too, as they determine the monthly cost. While there’s also simply supply and demand. If a leasing company has 100 Nissan Qashqais taking up room in its yard, it will probably have a good deal. If it doesn’t, it probably won’t.

With that in mind, below you’ll find a list of cars that are regularly great value options.

The best cars to lease

Editor’s choice: MG4 EV

Not only the best small family car, but also the Parkers Car of The Year

MG4 cornering - What is ESC electronic stability control

✅ Long range
✅ Good to drive
✅ Undercuts all rivals on price

❌ Touchscreen is fiddly
❌ Some cheap-feeling interior materials

With family hatchbacks getting ever more expensive before you’ve even considered electric power, the MG4 EV makes a refreshing change. Here’s a practical all-electric five-door hatch with peppy performance, a decent range and impressive equipment levels for less than £30k. And that’s one main reason why we’ve picked it as our Best Small Family Car. 

Initially launched in SE spec with a 218-mile range or Long Range capable of up to 281 miles in official tests, the number of versions offered has now been doubled. If 281 miles isn’t quite enough, there’s the Extended Range that’s capable of a claimed 323 miles on a single charge while also being usefully quicker. 

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Skoda Karoq

A brilliantly thought-out family-size SUV

Skoda Karoq best tow cars

✅ Super comfortable
✅ Rugged, no-nonsense interior
✅ Great visibility

❌ 1.0-litre engine sluggish on motorways
❌ No plug-in versions available

The Karoq earns its place here by being a comfortable, practical car that’s completely hassle-free to own. It may be a less obvious choice than a Nissan Qashqai but it truly is one of the great all-rounders. The Karoq is hugely spacious for a mid-size SUV with class-leading boot space. Spec the Varioflex back seats and the layout’s as flexible as an MPV’s.

The dashboard is a masterclass in ergonomics and there are lots of Skoda’s Simply Clever features including some ingenious storage compartments. The ride’s very comfortable, it handles neatly and the 150hp engines combine useful performance with strong fuel economy. Four-wheel-drive diesels have an impressively high towing capacity of 2,100kg.

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Ford Puma

Proof that a small SUV can be fun to drive

Best used family SUVs for less than £15,000: Ford Puma, side view driving, grey paint

✅ Great to drive and boot is spacious
✅ Cheap to run, easy to service
✅ Economical mild-hybrid engines

❌ Dashboard is uninspiring
❌ Infotainment not especially intuitive

It was our Small Family Car award winner three times in a row, and is still highly commended with very good reason. The Puma fends off potential rivals that have since been launched by being better to drive than all of them. Consequently, this Ford is still the small SUV to beat, offering a range of economical petrol engines, excellent efficiency and a large dose of practicality for family life.

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Skoda Fabia

Perfect small car, especially for those trading down

Skoda Fabia - front three quarter, best small cars

✅ Roomy boot and interior
✅ Excellent petrol engines
✅ Cheap to run and economical

❌ No plug-in or diesel versions
❌ A little too sensible?

The Skoda Fabia is run extremely close by the Renault Clio as our favourite small car in the Parkers awards – so it’s definitely something special. It might not charm or blow your socks off like its pretty French rival, but the Fabia steamrollers you into submission with its all-round excellence, with very little to criticise it for. In short, it’s brilliant, but we just wish it were a little sexier!

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BMW 3 Series Touring

Superb to drive, efficient and surprisingly practical

Best automatic cars to lease - BMW 3 Series Touring

✅ Good to drive
✅ Rock-solid image
✅ Efficient engines

❌ Boot isn’t as big as some rivals
❌ Low-power diesel unexciting

It’s hard to think of a more complete package than the BMW 3 Series Touring. It’s a family estate car that ticks every box – it’s great to drive, looks good, feels upmarket and best of all is immensely practical.

The 3 Series’ boot is packed with clever touches, with a split tailgate and rubberised anti-slip rails. Even in its most practical Touring form the 3 Series retains BMW’s reputation for producing vehicles that are great to drive. It’s comfortable on a cruise yet handles well, and all the engines are impressively fuel efficient.

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Dacia Duster

Wallet and purse-friendly off-road brilliance

Best small off-roaders 2023 - Dacia Duster

✅ Great value for money
✅ Can really off-road
✅ Lots of space

❌ Poor Euro NCAP score
❌ Not very refined

The Dacia Duster 4x4 is a real all-round winner. It costs peanuts, offers loads of space inside for its size and has properly off-road ability. The driving position’s a little odd and the interior is more hardwearing than plush, but for the money you pay it’s by far the best value of anything on this list.

Not every version is four-wheel-drive, and inevitably those that are come at the highest price. It’s also a little noisier and more uncomfortable than pricier options. But as a no-nonsense piece of kit it’s a clear winner.

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Kia EV6

Our favourite large electric car ticks all the boxes

Kia EV6 GT review (2023)

✅ Long real-world range
✅ Eye-opening performance
✅ Great to drive

❌ Firm suspension
❌ Some ergonomic issues

The Kia EV6 is a great family car with generous space for four and a big boot, there’s loads of technology in the swooping dashboard and it’s very well made. Perhaps more pertinently, the core models are capable of delivering around 300 miles of WLTP range in the real world and you can trust the indicated range shown on the dashboard. 

Kia calls the EV6 a crossover because it has quite a stance, though it’s actually about the same height as the average big estate. That contributes to the car’s great driving experience. All EV6s have a 77.4kWh battery, rear-wheel-drive models have 229hp, all-wheel-drive models have 325hp and the high-performance GT has a whopping 585hp.

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Volkswagen Multivan

If you have a large family, this is nigh-on unbeatable

Volkswagen Multivan: Best towcars

✅ Huge and adaptable interior
✅ Smart and not too van like
✅ Available as a plug-in hybrid

❌ Expensive to buy
❌ Petrol models thirsty

The Volkswagen Multivan represents a huge shift for its maker’s presence in the seven-seater MPV market. No longer is it based on a van, like the Caravelle, but instead it shares its underpinnings with the Golf and Audi A3. Not that you’d know by looking it. Inside, it has the same seating layout as the van-based predecessor, but is a whole lot more car-like to drive these days.

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Tesla Model Y

Great range and performance for long-distance drivers

Tesla Model Y: safest cars in the UK 2023, front three quarter cornering, red paint

✅ Good real-world range
✅ Plenty of space inside
✅ Tesla Supercharger network

❌ Inconsistent build quality
❌ Uncomfortable suspension

The Tesla Model Y is the middle-ground between the Tesla Model 3 and the Model X. It’s perfect for those that need a little more space for their families but are put off by sheer size of the Model X. The technology is very impressive, too. Everything is controlled by a huge 15.4-inch infotainment screen which looks slick and works quickly. Although we’ll admit that it can be a bit daunting for technophobes.

We think it’s a more polished product than the Tesla Model X, as it’s built on the same platform as the far fresher Model 3. Regardless, as with all Teslas, the Model Y offers extremely rapid performance from its electric motors and a generous driving range of up to 319 miles per charge from its battery packs. But it isn’t the most comfortable car in its class, especially when specified with the larger 20-inch alloy wheels. The Enyaq and the EV6 are more rounded products.

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BMW i4: Best EV for keen drivers

Great on back roads, efficient on trips

BMW i4 (2023) Best Company Cars

✅ Long battery range
✅ Eye-opening acceleration
✅ Superb to drive

❌ Expensive compared with Tesla Model 3
❌ Cramped in the rear

The BMW i4 is a consummate all-rounder. It’s fantastic to drive, offers one of the longest electric ranges available in a vehicle this size and feels both futuristic yet reassuringly conventional where it counts. All that you could mark it down for is its high list prices.

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