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Car Warranty


Parkers has partnered with MotorEasy to provide you with the UK’s best combination of price and cover Car Warranty protection. MotorEasy is the easy way to manage, protect and maintain your car.  

With industry leading plans for Warranty, Servicing, MOTs, GAP, Alloy Wheel and Cosmetic insurances.

MotorEasy Warranty

Whether you’re buying used, already own your vehicle or you are extending an original manufacturer’s agreement, MotorEasy has the right car warranty for you.

MotorEasy extended car warranty protection covers you against any unexpected mechanical and electrical failures, with all parts and labour included in our plans.

You can manage all your policy documents in our easy-to-use online account area and receive timely reminders for your MOT, service and tax due dates. Plus, MotorEasy members get exclusive access of up to 70% off partner offers, from our partners such as Halfords.

Prices vary in line with the car’s age and mileage and the level of cover required. You can pay monthly with plans available from one to three years. Expect prices to start from £16.50 per month.

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Why do you need a car warranty?

A car warranty is designed to provide car buyers with peace of mind that should a car develop a fault, it can be fixed under warranty with little or no cost to the car owner.

Should something go wrong with your vehicle, warranty protection ensures you are protected from any unexpected repair costs, potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

Whether a fault is discovered as part of a service or MOT, you have a roadside breakdown or simply notice something is wrong, all faults are included.

A MotorEasy car warranty is not only the UK’s best combination of price and cover but comes with a range of benefits to help you drive away stress free.

Why choose MotorEasy?

We are confident we can make motoring easier for all our members. MotorEasy will handle all repairs directly with your chosen garage, both collection and drop off is available and all repairs are monitored by our team of expert engineers. Plus, you can manage everything via your free online account area.

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Motoreasy warranty

How used-car warranties work

Aftermarket car warranties are designed for when your car no longer has a manufacturer’s warranty. They work in the same way as a new-car warranty but take into account mileage and any wearing parts of the car, which is why there are a variety of packages to choose from. The general rule of thumb is this: the cheaper the warranty, the less cover it provides.

So you should always make sure you understand what your car warranty covers, and what exclusions it has.

As with a new-car warranty, used-car options have certain criteria that need to be met. These can include the car having a valid, current MOT certificate and a service in the past 12 months by a reputable garage.

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