Cat Dow

Cat Dow


Cat has been a car journalist since 2012, first gaining ground in motorsport blogging. An introduction to a random FIA project called Formula E, which she covered for, catalysed an enthusiasm for electric mobility and initiated some serious globe-trotting.

From there, Cat has led a duplicitous life: by week, all things technology and futuristic from application platforms, connected car software, cloud solutions and networking; by weekend, time-travelling to the past by tinkering with her 1967 Wolseley Hornet ('The Lady') and shirking all social media as much as humanly possible.

She's contributed to various lifestyle and motoring titles along the way, including Auto Express, Diesel Car, Recombu Cars, Green Car Guide, Form Trends, The Sun, The Economist, The Guardian and The Telegraph. You can also find her on her own website.

Now she concentrates on working to educate drivers about the increasing technology in their cars, the benefits of driving electric (it's gonna happen anyway!) and wishing she could grow sideburns like Guy Martin.

Cat's advice for Parkers readers:

  • Don't think you're stupid for not understanding tech. It's more complex than you think and it's moving so fast, no-one can keep up. It's not just you
  • Don't be afraid to ask, but also, don't dismiss all technologies. Some systems are literally saving lives every day, reducing insurance premiums and, ultimately, saving you money. Be open-minded
  • Try to care about tech before it goes wrong and needs troubleshooting. That way it's an education, rather than a frustration

Cat says: 'Tech is becoming a larger part of our car-buying decisions. The pandemic also helped people find a new office in the car during lockdown. Knowing what feature does what and how to best benefit from it - even if that means a change to driving habits - will help us all feel more comfortable about the forthcoming changes.'

Cat is expert in:

  • Connected infotainment
  • Autonomous future mobility
  • Shared mobility - ride-hailing, car-sharing, and those pesky e-scooters
  • Electric vehicle choices and charging options
  • Handy apps for convenience, such as parking, finding ice-cream and the next awesome podcast

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