Tom Goodlad

Tom Goodlad

Continuity Editor,

Tom has been writing about cars since graduating in 2014 from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Geography, but he’s been a car enthusiast ever since he could crawl around his family living room with all kinds of model cars and chose not to pursue a career exploring volcanoes and understanding earthquakes.

After a couple of stints of work experience with What Car? and Auto Express, Tom got the bug for motoring journalism (after he realised he couldn’t draw in order to be a car designer) and started his career at Auto Express on the web team, moving to Carbuyer to look after the reviews website.

From there, Tom joined Parkers in 2016 where he’s built extensive knowledge of the new car industry, where he’s driven and tested almost every single new car on the market. This, along with taking creative storytelling courses, has helped to carve out his current role of keeping on top of all the reviews on and making sure they’re as informative, accurate and engaging as possible – a task that’s turned out to be like painting the Forth Bridge…

Particular career highlights include surfing the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert in a Nissan Navara, and taking an epic two-day drive through the Norwegian Fjordlands, not to mention trying to pour a glass of non-alcoholic prosecco in the back of an Audi A8 being driven around a slalom. All in the name of top-notch motoring journalism.

His own garage has been largely occupied by models from the VW Group in the past, although the task of reviewing pretty much every car on sale in the UK now means there's a different car on the driveway almost every night, alongside a Hyundai i30 N. That doesn't stop him dreaming of one day finding the perfect Mk1 VW Golf Cabriolet for a quiet life by the sea. 

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