Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Drivers in the Spur enjoy the same upright driving position as in other Continental derivatives and face the same dashboard, a beautifully sculpted leather and wood covered affair. The two materials are everywhere, from the seats to the centre console to the door trims, and carried off so effortlessly, creating a feeling of luxury simply not present in a similarly-priced Mercedes whose mass market roots are too readily visible.

In the Bentley you’re constantly reminded that you’re piloting a very special car. Less special though is the blind spot created by the chunky windscreen pillars.

Life in the front of the Flying Spur is just as charming as it is in the two-door GT with ample space and every possible convenience on offer, plus there’s even more headroom because of the taller roof. It’s even more comfortable if you’re sitting in the back and the Spur’s long wheelbase means there’s masses of legroom. Buyers have the option of choosing a traditional bench rear seat or two individual buckets, each with their own electric adjustment.