Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Unusually, there are a few areas where the plastics used don't feel especially upmarket, in particular on the centre console around the gear lever. It's certainly not quite what you'd expect on a BMW. Luckily the rest of the interior retains the same high class feel of other BMW models with a good quality finish and easy to operate air conditioning and stereo controls.

The driving position is good too - raised enough to give you a good view out, but low enough so that it feels like you're driving a normal estate car.

The seats themselves offer plenty of support, ideal if you're going to spend a long time behind the wheel - however lumbar adjustment doesn't come as standard. Rear visibility is adequate, but thankfully rear parking sensors come as standard to avoid any scrapes in tight spaces.

There is plenty of cabin room so BMW X1 4x4 comfort is good, although five adults may find it a squeeze as the large central tunnel in the back means foot space is at a premium. But that aside, there's good head room and the cabin feels light and spacious too. Rear legroom is adequate but with the front seats slid all the way back, it's reduced significantly and quite limited.

There is some wind noise at higher speeds, but overall the X1 is very quiet when cruising with good insulation from engine sound. The ride is a touch firm, which is noticeable on bumpy roads, but on motorways it's forgiving enough to make long journeys fly by.