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Bugatti Chiron running costs and reliability

2017 onwards (change model)
Running costs rating: 0.1 out of 50.1

Written by Parkers Published: 6 June 2019 Updated: 6 June 2019

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  • Owners won’t care about running costs…
  • …which is probably for the best

There are two blindingly obvious things to say about running a Bugatti Chiron. One is that it is going to be horrifically expensive, and the other is that owners (who own an average of 47 other cars) are so rich, they’ll not even give it a second thought.

Apart from the multi-million pound cost of buying the car in the first place, Chiron customers have to contend with 12.6mpg on the combined cycle (and more like 8mpg in real use), top-rate VED thanks to its terrible 516g/km CO2 output, and insurance costs that will send most companies scurrying rather than offer cover.

Bugatti has made some concessions to improving running costs though. Compared to the Veyron, a new type of Michelin tyre has cut the cost of replacing four tyres in half – to around £9,000…

There’s also a surprisingly generous four years (or 60,000 km – whichever comes first) free servicing, too. Service periods are one year or 15,000 km.

  • Chiron wasn’t designed to save the planet
  • Staggering CO2 emissions demonstrate this

If there was an award for the least environmentally-friendly new car on sale today, the Chiron would certainly be one of the front runners.

Sub-10mpg real-world fuel economy and CO2 emissions of more than twice that of a Porsche 911 Turbo S are proof that the Chiron’s priorities lie elsewhere. 

  • Largely irrelevant for the average Chiron owner
  • Shouldn’t be any serious issues either way
  • Four-year warranty for added peace of mind

Very few Chirons will ever top over 500 miles a year, so the idea that one might break down is a moot point.

There was one official recall on the Veyron, however, concerning minor exterior parts becoming loose over time.

That said, the Chiron has been built by some of the best minds in the business with nothing but the highest grade materials, so quality levels will be exceptionally high.

So as long as you take good care of your hypercar and don’t drive it into a lake (search popular YouTube video) everything should be fine on the reliability front.

Should something go wrong, however, there is a comprehensive four-year warranty to fall back on.