Learners set to face 'green' driving test

  • Learners now tested on eco-driving
  • DFT reveals greener driving can save £££s
  • learner drivers must now learn to drive economically

New rules mean that learner drivers must now learn to drive economically and could face failing their test in future if they fail to do so.

The Government has now introduced eco-friendly and fuel-efficient driving elements to the practical test, where learners will be advised on how to drive in a way that cuts CO2 emissions and saves money.

Greener driving saves £££s

According to the Department for Transport (DFT), a month’s worth of fuel can be saved per year if it’s ‘smarter driving techniques’ are followed, and three months worth of fuel can be saved if drivers choose a more fuel efficient model when buying a new car.

Transport Minister, Jim Fitzpatrick, claims that these techniques can “help the next generation of motorists drive in a way that is better for their wallets and the environment.”

Green driving as a failure mark

Currently, learners cannot pass or fail on the new greener driving section of the test, though the examiner will indicate to the candidate whether they’ve successfully driven economically at the end of the test.

However, Colin O’Connell, Chief Examiner for Driving Instructors Association (DIA), said that greener driving for learners “is necessary and will have a great effect on eco-driving and forward observation.”

The DIA also told Parker’s that eco-driving is likely to become a failure mark in the future, where learners will be tested on their use of the gears, accelerator and brakes.

The DFT’s ACT ON CO2 campaign advises motorists to follow its ‘smarter driving tips’ to reduce fuel consumption.

These include keeping tyres inflated, reducing unnecessary weight, driving at appropriate speeds and changing up a gear earlier.