Greenest Vauxhall Astra ever

  • New Astra joins EcoFLEX models
  • Low emissions means it’s just £35 to tax
  • Watch out for the EcoFLEX offer

Vauxhall has launched  a greener Astra – the 1.7-litre tubodiesel ecoFLEX, producing just 119g/km of CO2 and achieving 62.8mpg.

Less tax and more power 

EcoFLEX models are Vauxhall’s greenest cars with low CO2 emissions.

The new Astra will fall into Road Tax Band B, meaning it will cost just £35 to tax for a year; company car drivers will be pleased to see it sits in the lowest benefit-in-kind tax band.

Vauxhall has also increased the power over the existing Astra1.7 CDTi, with a top speed of 117mph, and it will be available as a hatchback, three-door sport hatchback and an estate.

Pocket £1000 with EcoFLEX 

An ecoFLEX offer is currently available.

When you buy one of these low emission cars, Vauxhall will scrap your older and higher emission vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner and offer you £1000 to take it off the road.

Five-door hatchback versions of the Astra ecoFLEX are on sale now, with the Life model starting at £16,340.

Vauxhall will also introduce two more ecoFLEX models in 2009, with a low-emission Insignia and a Corsa 1.3 CDTi, which will emit 109g/km and achieve 69mpg.