Be the first to drive the electric MINI

MINI is giving 20 drivers the chance to be the first to live with the all-new electric MINI model in Britain.

MINI is looking for 20 people to lease the electric MINI E in 2010 for six months. The lease will cost £330 a month.

This price includes insurance and maintenance and has been dropped from £550 as the model has been backed by the Technology Strategy Board that promotes technology innovation in the UK and has therefore won extra backing.

Anyone that is successful in getting to trial the MINI E will also be expected to pay for the electricity used in the car. The manufacturer claims that a full re-charge of the battery at current off-peak costs will be just £1.50 while peak time charging will cost £4.00 for a full charge, much less than the equivilent cost of petrol or diesel.

The scheme set-up by the manufacturer will see the first 20 applicants have the car for six months with another 20 to follow in mid-2010.

There are some conditions to the leasing with applicants having to live in the South East of England, with a full list of qualifying postcodes available on the MINI E website.

Anyone interested can apply on the MINI E website. But be quick - applications close on 30 September. To apply go here