Daihatsu on hold in the UK

  • No more models to be ordered for UK sale
  • Importer blames poor rate of yen against pound
  • Situation could change when exchange rate improves

Buying a new Daihatsu in the UK is set to become much harder as the main importer say they will no longer be bringing the cars in to the country.

The importer IM Group - which also imports Subaru and Isuzu in to the UK - claims it will stop bringing cars such as the Copen, Sirion and Terios because of the current exchange rate.

While they aren't the most popular choices among car buyers, Daihatsu cars have become known for excellent reliability as well as the value for money that they offered.

Despite the range no longer being imported there are still cars available at Daihatsu dealerships, but no more cars are currently being ordered so once these are sold-off no more will be available.

However, a spokeswoman from IM Group told Parker's that not importing the models might not be permanent.

"This is a temporary on-hold thing rather than an actual stop,' she said. 'It's all down to the current rate of the yen against the pound and once this improves we will be looking at importing Daihatsus again.

"At the moment it just isn't viable to import and sell the cars and this won't change until the yen rate comes back down."

She also confirmed that anyone who already owns a Daihatsu will not be affected by what has happened and all servicing and warranties will continue as normal.

Daihatsu has registered 2247 cars in the UK during 2009 up to the end of November, less than half the 4666 cars registered over the same period during 2008.