IQ unsuitable for driving test

  • Toyota IQ banned from driving test
  • Driving Standards Agency cites lack of visibility
  • IQ joins list of other cars not allowed for driving test

Learner drivers won't be able to take their test in a Toyota IQ because the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) claims the car is 'not suitable'.

The ban was declared after the DSA carried out a risk assessment and claimed the IQ suffers from a lack of all-round vision with the examiner's view particularly restricted when the test candidate is tackling roundabouts or turning right.

Complaints from a DSA examiner, including the restricted visibility and the car's rear blind spots, prompted the risk assessment. 

However, similar cars such as the Smart ForTwo are deemed suitable for the driving test. The DSA says this is because there have been no complaints about the Smart. 

In response a Toyota spokesperson said: "There are no issues regarding the IQ's safety. We have asked the DSA for clarification of the methodology used in terms of how the vehicles are tested and what criteria they have to meet."

The IQ joins other cars such as convertible versions of the MINI and Volkswagen Beetle that are not allowed to be used for the driving exam along with the Ford StreetKa.

According to the DSA any car that is used for the driving test must allow examiners all round visibility, especially when the learner is performing reverse manoeuvres, or coming out of sharp-angled junctions.

Other models can be deemed unsuitable for the driving test if they have suffered certain safety problems or been the subject of particular official recalls. Examples include Renault's Clio II and Campus models that suffered from faulty bonnet catches.

If the car is affected by a recall then the driver has to provide proof that the required work has been completed. If not then the test could be cancelled by the DSA with no refund offered.

For more information go to the DSA website and here for the list of cars banned from the driving exam.