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Tax-busting Mazda 6 in the pipeline

  • 105g/km Mazda 6 set for 2012 launch
  • Five-door to include start-stop and brake regeneration
  • Better aeros and weight reduction promise improved economy

Written by Parkers Published: 15 March 2010 Updated: 1 February 2017

Mazda is planning to launch a tax-busting diesel version of its Mazda 6 but potential buyers will have to wait - it's due in 2012.

The Japanese car maker unveiled its new range of low-emitting, fuel-sipping 2.0-litre powerplants last year. Called Sky-D, they feature two-stage turbochargers, low-friction engine blocks, direct injection and piezo-electric injectors. As a result the five-door diesel version emits just 105g/km of carbon dioxide.


It is expected that the 6 will be first model in the Mazda range to feature the Sky-D engine and that it will also come with fuel-saving technologies such as stop-start, a special six-speed transmission and regenerative braking.

At the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month Mazda displayed its Sky-G petrol engine as well as the Sky-D diesel engine. The Sky-G is expected to improve fuel economy by 15% over a standard engine and the Sky-D reduces consumption by 20%. Mazda says both will produce more power than the current engines they will soon replace. A global roll-out of the Mazda Sky engines will start in 2011.

Mazda's next-generation of models are expected to be 100kg lighter and will also include better aerodynamics designed to reduce drag and improve economy. Mazda is planning to reduce its average fuel economy of its product line-up by 30 per cent, with a drop in CO2 emissions of 23 per cent (compared to 2008) by the year 2015.