EU fuel prices drop while UK's soar

  • Fuel bills 4.4% lower on average in Europe compared to UK
  • Increases of £8.36 for petrol and £10.09 for diesel in 12 months
  • Some areas of UK are 4p per litre more expensive than others

Petrol prices have dropped across Europe while they continue to rise in the UK.

Thanks to a recent decline in wholesale prices, drivers across the continent are enjoying on average 4.4% lower fuel bills while here in the UK they've risen by 1.18%. In some European countries prices dropped by over 6.5%.

Yesterday prices on UK forecourts hit a record average of 128.86p for petrol and 134.13p for diesel. This means that in 12 months motorists in the UK have seen an increase of £8.36 for petrol and £10.09 for diesel when filling up a 50-litre fuel tank.

However, it does depend where in the country you decide to fill up. Some places are 4p per litre more expensive than others, which equates to a difference of £2 per 50-litre fuel tank.

Further fuel price misery is expected on April 1 as another 1p rise in fuel duty is coupled with the impact of inflation.

The AA's President, Edmund King, said: "European fuel retailers are under similar strains yet they passed on much of the wholesale petrol price reduction [to the motorist]. They also reduced diesel prices for a while."

Brian Madderson, chairman of RMI Petrol, which represents petrol retailers and forecourt operators, doesn't believe UK fuel retailers are to blame: "Once again RMI Petrol questions the relevance and accuracy of the AA's comparison between euro currency zone costs and pricing with the sterling influenced UK market. Thus there can be no case for reckless accusations, yet again, of price rip-off by the independent sector."