Geneva 2012: Infiniti

  • EMERGE-E promises zero emissions in city traffic
  • Range-extender features electric and petrol motors
  • Check out the video about the car's design philosophy

Infiniti has unveiled its latest grand tourer, a range-extender concept called the EMERGE-E.

Alongside the modern concept, the upmarket company was displaying several of its other models such as the G Coupe and Convertible.

There was also a limited edition version of the FX called the ‘Sebastian Vettel’ on the stand, which Parkers saw last year at the Frankfurt motor show.

Parkers Pick – EMERGE-E

  • What is it? A grand tourer range-extender marrying electric motors and a conventional engine.     
  • Vital stats and facts: It’s a 402bhp range-extender along the lines of the Vauxhall Ampera, and combines an electric motor with an internal combustion engine that provides extra charge on the move. You get the best of both worlds: high performance on the open-road and zero-emissions in congested town centres. Its mid-engined powertrain is for optimal weight distribution and handling. It’s the brand’s first mid-engined, range-extending electric sports concept car and it’ll get to 60mph in just 4.0 seconds, from 0-130mph in 30 seconds and produces no CO2 emissions over a 30-mile range. Average CO2 emissions are 55g/km and its range is claimed to be in the range of 300 miles. For more information about the Infiniti EMERGE-E concept, click here for sister title Car Magazine’s feature.
  • Why would you buy it? If Infiniti launched something along the lines of this car you’d probably be seduced by the looks as well as the unconventional powertrain.
  • Why wouldn’t you? It’d be ferociously expensive, or you’d probably already have a Fisker Karma (another ludicrously expensive range-extending grand tourer) on your driveway.
  • Prices and launch date: Preposterous, and never.

What else is on the stand?

Well there’s a limited edition ‘Sebastian Vettel’ FX that has 414bhp, but only 200 of them will be made. Infiniti also announced that the M35h’s CO2’s emissions have been lowered to 159g/km. Oh and there are the usual suspects: the G Coupe, the 4x4s and the Convertible. It’s a modern stand with stylish-looking cars on it.

To see what the design philosophy was behind the EMERGE-E concept see the video below.

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