Geneva 2012: Peugeot

  • Pair of concepts based on new 208 hatchback
  • GTi pays homage to 205 GTi, promises a lot of fun
  • Firm also showed standard 208 and 4008 MPV

The biggest news for the French car maker is a 208 GTi concept car along with a standard 208.

Parkers Pick – 208 GTi Concept

  • What is it? A blatant homage to days gone by, this is a hot hatch supermini that Peugeot hopes will rekindle some of the success it saw with the legendary 205 GTi.
  • Vital stats and facts: Powered by the 1.6-litre petrol engine from the firm’s RCZ, the GTi is a 208 turned up to 11. It has a wider track, bigger brakes, chrome exhaust pipes and a big flag on the roof. It’s a French ‘Le Tricolour’ for French cars, and a Union Jack for cars sold in Britain.
  • Why would you buy it? If Peugeot can build a car even 80% as much fun as the old 205 GTi then this could be a fabulously popular car. For sister title Car Magazine’s take click here. 
  • Why wouldn’t you? That flag on the roof might put you off, and strong competition from established names in the hot hatch sector may make you think twice.
  • Prices and launch date: No word at this time.

What else is on the stand?

There’s the 4008 crossover which is not being sold in Europe.

Also on display was the standard 208 which will be coming to the UK in spring. All of the engines, including a 1.0-litre and 1.2-litre petrol, will emit less than 100g/km.

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