Geneva 2013: Toyota

  • Hybrid option for Auris Sports Touring
  • FT-86 Open concept is the star
  • i-Road concept offers in-line seating

New cars on show: Auris Touring Sports, FT-86 Open concept, i-Road concept, RAV4

Auris Touring Sports (main picture)

Who said the Auris was boring? Well, many of you, but no matter, this Auris Touring Sports should spice up the model range and accusations of dullness will be a thing of the past. Toyota hopes.

It’ll be a British-built model that will go on sale later this year and Toyota says the intention is to offer a good-looking car with a total luggage capacity of 1,658-litres. More importantly, a unique-in-segment full hybrid powertrain option will achieve 85g/km.

Extra to its production offering the firm will also present a special design study, the Auris Touring Sports Black. The estate is finished in Sky Night Black metallic paint with 19inch red wheels and red inserts for the front and rear bumpers. It’s a theme that continues inside with black leather and red Alcantara sports seats as well as red stitching for the steering wheel and red illumination for the instruments. Whether that’s enough excitment to properly pique people’s interest is yet to be seen though.

For more information about the Touring Sports, click here.

FT-86 Open concept

At the moment Toyota is saying this rather alluring concept points to a possible future development of the GT86 sports coupe. With the promise of wind-in the hair thrills and the 86’s famed rear-wheel drive chassis and entertaining dynamics we say the firm has already made its decision. Testing of the prototypes is underway, and you can expect this pretty roadster to be in showrooms within the next 12 months.  


In line with the industry buzzwords the two seat electric i-Road is supposed to be fun as well as emissions free. Think along the lines of a Renault Twizy, but with motorbike-like tilting angles, and you’ll be on the money. Will it ever make production? That’s yet to be decided, but we wouldn’t hold our breath.


We’ve seen a lot of this car and we’ve even reviewed it. If you want to know more click on our full review here. What is nice though, is that it’s supported by two special design studies, the RAV4 Premium with its extra chrome and specially designed leather seats and RAV4 Adventure which adds larger wheels, matt finish bumpers and off-road protection to the mix.