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How to drive: passing the driving test, towing tips and reviews of advanced driving courses

  • Your one-stop-shop with everything you need to know about how to drive
  • Our experts advise on driving in winter, passing the UK driving test and more
  • Learn what to do around emergency vehicles and on smart motorways

At Parkers we believe there is no such thing as a perfect driver, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to be the best we can.

So whether you’re a new driver looking to pass their test first time, or have 50 years’ experience on the open road, there’s always going to be something new to learn.

In this section we detail the driver training courses available to you, whether you want to learn to reverse park while towing, drive better on the motorway or shave a few seconds from your latest lap time.

We’ve also compiled a guide to winter driving, a feature on how to pass the current driving test and reviewed some customer experiences from car companies that offer driving courses to their customers. 

The full series of How to Drive articles: 

Range Rover Evoque off-road at Eastnor Castle

Keith Adams takes his long-term review Range Rover Evoque to Eastnor Castle in order to learn how to take this popular SUV off-roading. Here's what we learned.

Jaguar First driving experience

Our Deputy Editor recruits his two youngest kids to drive F-Paces and F-Types for Jaguar's driving experience aimed at youngsters aged between 11 and 17.

We experience Ford's free advanced skills course, which it runs for newly qualified drivers over a weekend in November.

Toyota HSD hybrid: how to drive

Our experts guide you through what you need to know in order to drive your Toyota HSD hybrid as efficiently as possible.

To celebrate 40 years of BMW offering driving experience days for customers, Parkers was invited along to the M Driving Experience at Oulton Park in Cheshire to see what was on offer.

How to pass the UK driving test

We sent our Editor along to see if he could pass the recently updated UK driving test. Watch our video to see how he did. Do you think you could pass it?

Guide to winter driving

From winter tyres to preparing your car for the worst, our guide has it all. Read more here

Driving abroad in a BMW X3

Before you head out onto the continent in your car, find out what you'll need to know to drive legally and safely in other countries. Read more here.

What to do around emergency vehicles

Sounds simple, but there are some recommended practices for what to do around an emergency vehicle in a hurry. Read more here

Smart motorway

Variable speed limits and no hard shoulders: a smart motorway can be a confusing place to find yourself. Read more here.

How to cut your fuel bills

Learn about how to drive your car more efficiently, saving cash at the fuel pumps along the way. Read more here

Guide to towing

Towing doesn't have to be a drag. Our feature takes you through all the laws you need to know about in order to tow a load. Read more here

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