The best baby car mirrors

Gain some peace of mind when driving alone with your baby.


As a new parent, driving solo with your baby can be mighty nerve-racking, because it may well be the first time you’ve had to avert your eyes away from them, apart from during the precious few hours of sleep.

A clever reflective device called a mirror helps us deal with this. They allow a momentary glance into the rear seat to make sure all is well with your tiny passenger.

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In order to give you some direction in finding a baby mirror you’ll like, check out our selection below. Many mirrors are cutesy but not terribly functional, so we’ve focused on making sure that our recommendations are effective. And if they are cutesy too, well that’s a nice bonus.

The best baby car mirrors

1. Streetwize Baby Mirror

Streetwize Baby Mirror

RRP: £19.99Price: £12.99 VIEW OFFER

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A classic, functional wide convex mirror for the back seat. Streetwize is known for its car accessories, and this one will serve you well. It has a bracket that you attach to the headrest, and the arm gives you plenty of tilt and 360-degree rotation.

2. Brica by Munchkin Baby In-Sight Car Mirror

Brica by Munchkin Baby In-Sight Car Mirror

Price: £17.83 VIEW OFFER

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This large convex mirror offers a wide-angle, shatter-resistant view of your baby as you drive. Crash-tested and distortion-free, the soft-touch frame looks great in any car interior.

3. ONCO Baby Car Mirror

ONCO Baby Car Mirror


Like the mirror above, this one is shatterproof, too. It easily and securely installs with straps and clips. And you get 360-degree rotation too, to find the perfect angle.

4. Maxi-Cosi Back Seat Car Mirror

Maxi-Cosi Back Seat Car Mirror

Price: £15 VIEW OFFER

A very cute option from Cosi-Maxi. This car mirror complete with little ears offers excellent adjustability and a convex wide-angle view of your baby. It’s also very easy to install and made from top quality materials.

5. Diono Mirror With LED Light

Mirror With LED Light

RRP: £25Price: £19.75VIEW OFFER

Also available at:


This mirror is shatterproof and impact-resistant. This ensures that your baby stays safe at all times. The secure double strapping similar to the Onco mirror means that it stays firmly in place. There’s even an LED light for night view which is controlled by remote control. It has full angle adjustment and rotation.

6. Halfords Backseat Baby Mirror

Halfords Backseat Baby Mirror

Price: £12 VIEW OFFER

Simple and functional, this mirror from Halfords has a couple of neat features. One is the rear foam padding to protect the headrest. The other is good visibility for a fairly compact size. It’s a good price, too.

7. Taf Toys Koala in Car Play Centre

Taf Toys Koala in Car Play Centre

Price: £39.97 VIEW OFFER

Also available at:




Not only does this offer a high-quality baby-safe curved mirror for rear-facing babies, but it will keep them entertained during the journey, too. Attached rattling soft toys include a crinkling rainbow, jingling Kimmy the koala and rattling Scotty the snail with a baby teether. There’s an adjustable strap, too.