The best ice scrapers

Which ice scrapers work the most effectively? Parkers has you covered.

Ice and snow being scraped from a blue background

The requirements of an ice scraper are simple: remove ice and snow from glass without damage and to be easy to use. And so it comes as a surprise when you discover most cannot achieve them. However, a few can and we’ve recommended them here, plus a few ice scraper alternatives.

The best ice scrapers

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Swedish Ice Scraper

Editor’s pick

Swedish Ice Scraper

Price: £13.99 | VIEW OFFER

By far the best ice scraper around. Made from laser cut, 6mm recycled acrylic glass, it’s both strong and amazingly effective. Each side is diamond polished for ice removal, with one side bearing a little indent for clearing windscreen wipers. It also comes with a little neoprene sleeve.

Carpoint Ice Scraper

Best 2-in-1

Carpoint Ice Scraper

Price: RRP £13.13 OFFER £9.40 | VIEW OFFER

A well-made double act that can be used for ice removal and drying windows after a clean. Having a handle is very welcome, too.

Coral Icewiz Ice Scraper

Best value

Coral Icewiz

Price: RRP £5.99 OFFER £4.81 | VIEW OFFER

Quite similar to the Swedish Ice Scraper. Hold the curved edge and scrape using the opposite side. Coral calls its Icewiz a high performance ice scraper, which is nice, if not a little optimistic.


Ice scraper alternatives

What other options are there for removing ice from windscreen and car glass? Or better yet, preventing it altogether? Let’s have a look.

Prestone De-Icer 600ml

Best de-icer

Prestone De-Icer

Price: £7.48 | VIEW OFFER

A de-icer spray removes almost all the manual labour from ice scraping, if that is something you strongly wish to avoid. Most companies that produce car cleaning products offer a de-icer of some sort but this aerosol spray from Prestone is our recommendation. Spray it onto an iced windscreen, wait a moment for the ice to melt, then clear your windscreen with the wipers. It comes in a trigger spray bottle too, if you’d prefer.

AA Windscreen Sun Shield and Frost Protection

Best windscreen shield

AA Screen Protector

Price: £7.49 | VIEW OFFER

Other than a garage, a physical cover is the most effective means of preventing ice gathering on your windscreen. This double-sided AA cover is our recommendation. Use the power of the heat-absorbing dark side to stay ice-free; use the white side as a heat-reflective sunshield. Tabs on each end reach round inside the windscreen and are held there by suction cups and the closed window.

Maypole Car Cover

Best budget car cover

Maypole Car Cover

Price: £24.57 | VIEW OFFER

The AA’s windscreen shield’s weakness is that it only covers the windscreen. To protect all the windows from frost you’ll want a full-size car cover. For those wishing to stick to a budget this is our suggestion to you. UK company Maypole’s car cover is tough and weather resistant; crucially it’s also breathable which prevents moisture build-up underneath the cover.

It has elasticated hems for a better fit and and double stitching for extra durability. The size priced is XL (530cm x 190cm x 117cm) but there are smaller sizes available too.

Halfords All Seasons Car Cover

Best heavy duty car cover

Halfords All Seasons Car Cover

Price: RRP £70 OFFER £62 | VIEW OFFER

This car cover from Halfords is a more heavy duty cover compared to the Maypole one. It’s fabric is totally waterproof while remaining breathable, and on the underside you find a soft lining that prevents paintwork and glass scratches. The size priced here is large (470cm x 180cm x 135cm) but like the Maypole cover, there are smaller sizes available (small and extra small).


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