The best all-season tyres: tested

Milder climates like the UK mean you can get away with all-season tyres quite comfortably. We've been finding the best. 

Tyres being tested

If ever there was a place for all-season tyres to do well it’s the UK. Sure, the Scottish Highlands may require a decent set of winter tyres come but for the most part, a single set of tyres designed to be safe and effective in all weather conditions sounds just about perfect.

All-seasons are designed to be perfect for both the hottest July drive and the inevitable frost and misery of a British January. Question is, which set should you settle on? Should you stick to the bigger brands (and prices) in the hope they’ll be better developed, and the added safety will make stomaching the cost easier? Or do you try your luck with a smaller brand that’s a little cheaper?

Thankfully, our German friends over at Auto Zeitung have conducted incredibly thorough all-season tyre testing to help find the perfect all-season tyres that blend performance, safety and efficiency while also looking at the price.


How we tested the best winter tyres 2021:

Tyre testing in the dry

Auto Zeitung enforces stringent rules to ensure reliable results:

  • All tyres were purchased from independent retailers in June 2020.
  • Tests are independent with no manufacturer help. Each tyre is examined using reproducible driving manoeuvres at the limit on snow, wet and dry surfaces - with and without ESP stability control engaged. This is the only way we can say whether a tyre offers security during a spontaneous evasive manoeuvre. We also subjectively evaluate the comfort properties.
  • Noise, vibration and harshness were tested to accurately examine how manhole covers, badly repaired roads or cross joints would affect the tyres.
  • Each tyre has its rolling resistance tested on two different test stands.

The best all-season tyres:

There were joint victors with Continental AllSeasonContacts and Vredestein Quatrac nabbing the top spot. Both were top performers in the wet, dry and snowy tests with the only real distinction being the prices with the Vredestein tyres representing excellent value for money. 

Next up are the GoodyearMichelin and Bridgestone tyres. All three proved good in the wet and dry testing but fell down when it came to the snow. This means that if you live somewhere that rarely sees snowfall these tyres will be more than acceptable and shouldn't be discounted from your search. In a similar vein, the HankookNokian and Falken tyres were well suited to the snow but fell apart when it came to either the wet or dry testing. Finally, the Maxxis had a very good stopping distance in the dry but came home a distant last because it was poor in the wet and snow.

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Joint 1. Continental AllSeasonContact

The best all-seaon tyre

Continental AllSeasonContact

Price: £151.99 and up | VIEW OFFER

Tester's notes - The best all-rounder you can get for your car. Very good on both snow, wet roads and in the dry, it’s our top choice.


Joint 1. Vredestein Quatrac

The best budget all-season tyre

 Vredestein Quatrac

Price: £67.99 and up | VIEW OFFER

Testers' notes - The best budget option for all-season tyres, the Quatrac excelled in both wet and dry conditions and was safe in the snow too.


3. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G3

The best all-season tyre for rolling

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G3

Price: £95.38 and up | VIEW OFFER

Testers' notes - A good choice for wet and dry driving but still safe for snow use. One of the best tyres in terms of rolling resistance.


4. Michelin CrossClimate+


Michelin CrossClimate+

Price: £77.69 and up | VIEW OFFER

Tester's notes - Yet another solid option for driving in the wet or dry. Snow performance is adequate but safe, especially on slopes.


5. Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO


Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO

Price: £153.58 and up | VIEW OFFER

Testers' notes - A strong performer in the wet and dry, good grip in the snow but not the strongest contender.


5. Hankook Kinergy 4S


Hankook Kinergy 4S

Price: £58.12 and up | VIEW OFFER

Tester's notes - Not the strongest contender in the wet, but very safe in the snow and on dry tarmac.


7. Nokian Seasonproof


Nokian Seasonproof

Price: £88.23 and up | VIEW OFFER

Testers' notes - A very strong contender in the snow and rolls very efficiently. Not enough grip in the wet, however.

8. Falken Euroall Season AS210


Falken Euroall Season AS210

Price: £82.99 and up | VIEW OFFER

Testers' notes - Good in the snow and when it’s warmer out. Not very grippy when it’s wet and cold.


9. Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3



Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3

Price: £51.24 and up | VIEW OFFER

Testers' notes - Very good braking in the dry, loses a lot of grip in the wet and rain. Not very good at rolling efficiently.

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