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The best reversing cameras for your car

  • Reversing cameras are a clever upgrade
  • A great tool for cars without them from factory
  • Parkers has found the best on the market

Written by Aaron Hussain Published: 31 August 2022 Updated: 26 March 2024

You might think that adding aftermarket reversing cameras is a bit odd in terms of car upgrades. But if you get the right one, they could transform your ability to see behind you. Lots of modern cars are full of thick pillars and blind spots which can make the purpose of reversing into a parking space difficult. That’s why many new cars nowadays have parking sensors fitted as standard, as well as complying to ever changing safety legislations.

Reversing cameras are an extremely helpful aid to pretty much any car. Even the best at parking will have the odd lapse in judgement, which can spell disaster for bumpers. A reversing camera will make reversing safer and can even improve your parking abilities.

While parking cameras are becoming increasingly common features on cars, they can often be fairly expensive optional extras or fitted to luxurious cars. On the other hand, aftermarket reversing cameras can be installed on any car and will cost a lot less than one from a car manufacturer.

The best aftermarket reversing cameras at a glance:

Editor’s choice: AUTO-VOX Upgraded Solar Reversing Camera Wireless Kit – Buy now from Amazon UK
Best reversing camera on a budget: AUTO-VOX M1 Car Reversing Camera Kit – Buy now from Amazon UK
Best reversing camera for quality: AEG Solar Powered Wireless Digital Reversing Camera Buy now from Amazon UK

With that in mind, it’s worth remembering that a lot of cars simply won’t have parking sensors or reversing cameras fitted. We’ve found the best aftermarket reversing cameras available, all of which will ensure you can see clearly and safely behind you.

The best aftermarket reversing cameras

Editor's pick

Rrp: £139.99

Price: £111.99
For convenience, look no further. The Solar 1 set from Auto-Vox is easy to fit; the camera is solar-powered, so you don't have to mess about with wires. Furthermore, the connection between the camera and the dashboard display screen is wireless. The solar panel is perfectly adequate for charging the 2.8Ah battery which powers the camera.

Auto-Vox claim the solar panel gets 30 minutes of sunlight per day on average, you need only to top-up the battery (via USB) once a year. The screen needs to be powered by plugging it into the 12V plug in your car, but the charger has a USB port for charging other devices.


  • Fairly good value
  • Exceptionally easy to set up


  • Video quality could be better
Screen Size 4.3-inch
Protection IP68
Extras Solar panel, wireless transmitter
Best budget reversing camera

Rrp: £59.99

Price: £45.04
The Auto-Vox M1 is the best value way of adding a rearview camera to your car. Installation is simple but requires running a wire from the TFT screen to the camera for the footage. The camera also needs to be wired to the 12V reversing light for power, which also means the camera automatically switches on when the car is put into reverse.

The 170-degree field of view is good for giving enough of a wide view, plus you can toggle the parking lines with a simple switch. With an IP68 rating, it's still good quality despite the lower price.


  • Value for money
  • Good quality


  • Image quality so-so
Screen size 4.3-inch
Protection IP68
Extras N/A
The best reversing camera for quality
Price: £134.21
A top-quality choice from AEG, this reversing camera is a solid choice and should prove to be dependable. The solar-powered camera is easy to install, requiring no wires and using radio frequencies to transmit the pictures. Camera quality is good, with a 110° viewing angle and built-in LED lights for low-light reversing.

The camera also features a micro-USB camera for additional power if the internal battery gets too low. Also included in the kit is a 4.3-inch TFT screen that can be easily affixed to a car's dashboard with suction cups, again very easy to install.


  • Solid build
  • Easy to install


  • Solar panels aren't the strongest
Screen Size 4.3-inch
Protection IP68
Extras Solar panel, wireless transmitter
Best rear view mirror reversing camera

Rrp: £129.99

Price: £123.99
Most rearview cameras will require an auxiliary screen to work, which can quickly clutter a dashboard, especially if you have a couple of other car accessories installed. If you want something more discreet, a reversing camera that clips onto your rearview mirror makes perfect sense. These gadgets will work as standard rearview mirrors most of the time, before displaying a video when the car is up into reverse.

Like other premium Auto-Vox cameras, this option works wirelessly with a transmitter to make installation straightforward and a solar panel to power the camera. The rearview camera is also IP68-rated, and features LED lights for night-time reversing.


  • A discreet option
  • Easy to install


  • Can vibrate on the rearview mirror
Screen Size 4.3-inch
Protection IP68
Extras Solar panel, wireless transmitter
Best quality reversing cam
Price: £77.84
Road Angel dash cams are some of our favourites on Parkers. We love their quality from build to picture, and to add a little more to its portfolio, a reversing camera is available too.

It boasts an IP68 waterproof rating, has a 129 degree field of view, and has a night vision sensor to aid the ability to park while it's dark. However, be aware that the camera is the only thing included in the purchase, and you'll need to get a separate monitor and get them both wired properly which can be a hindrance.


  • Great quality unit
  • Very good value


  • Doesn't come with a monitor
Screen size N/A
Protection IP68
Extras N/A
The best reversing camera for Nextbase users

Rrp: £84.99

Price: £69.00
Alternative Retailers
In a similar vein to the Garmin BC 40, if you already own a GW series Nextbase dash cam, consider buying a rear view module instead. Select the "Reversing Camera" option under the "Driver Assistance" menu, and the image from the rear camera will be put up on full screen, helping you see.

Just remember to place the dash cam somewhere the driver can see the screen. In truth, these camera modules aren't as good as the proper reversing cameras, but they certainly help.


  • Doubles as a rear-facing dash cam
  • Wide angle lens for better visibility


  • Requires a Nextbase dash cam
Screen N/A
Protection N/A
Extras N/A
Best rear view camera for towing
Price: £169.99
For a wireless option, Auto Vox's W10 is a good shout. It's 720p camera with an angle view of 125 degrees makes this a wonderful camera for reversing.

You'll need to connect the camera to the rear lights of your trailer or long vehicle, but the monitor is simply plugged into your in-car socket. As well as a selection of of guidelines and options within the monitor, the camera itself has two infrared lights which helps with night time visibility.


  • Great for caravans or trailers
  • Easily installed


  • Video quality isn't the best
Screen size 7 inches
Protection IP68
Extras N/A

Things to consider with aftermarket reversing cameras

When buying a reversing camera for your vehicle, there are several factors and features worth considering to make sure you get the right one for your needs. Here are some key things to keep in mind. The first is the camera type and quality; wired cameras provide a more stable connection, while wireless cameras are easier to install but may have potential signal interference issues. Higher resolution cameras provide clearer images. Look for at least 720p HD resolution or higher.

Secondly, consider how easy the camera is to install. Most aftermarket reversing cameras will be wired into the reversing lights of your vehicle, so tread carefully to make sure you’re making thee right connections. If in doubt, seek the help of a professional.

Other things to consider are as follows:

Low-Light Performance: A camera with good low-light capabilities will be more effective in various lighting conditions, especially at night.

Field of View (FOV): Consider the camera’s FOV to ensure it covers the area behind your vehicle adequately. Wider FOVs provide better visibility.

Night Vision: Look for a camera with infrared (IR) or night vision capabilities for clear images in low-light or nighttime situations.

Image Reversal: Ensure the camera provides a mirrored or reversed image, so the display matches what you see in your rearview mirror.

Waterproof Rating: Make sure the camera has an appropriate IP rating to withstand weather conditions, especially if it’s exposed to rain and moisture. IP68 is generally the best, but many will have IP65 stamps as well. The same story applies to outdoor security cameras.

Parking Lines: Many cameras come with parking guidelines that help you judge distances accurately. Some even have dynamic lines that adjust as you turn the steering wheel.

Aaron Hussain is a commercial content writer at Bauer Media writing for Parkers and CAR. He is obsessed with classic cars and anything with a fascinating story to tell.

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