The best roof boxes

Need some extra storage space for your trip without hiring a van? Our informative and convenient guide to roof boxes.

Best roof boxes

Fundamentally, roof boxes are a functional item that give us an extra few hundred litres of luggage space. There are a number of these available to suit most budgets.

But there are differences other than price. You need to consider size: it needs to be suitable for your car. Got a Ford Fiesta? You’ll need a smaller box. Got a Toyota Land Cruiser? You can have a bigger one. Want to put bikes on the roof too? You’ll need a narrower roof box. Simple really.

Naturally, you’ll need roof racks before fitting a roof box. If you haven’t a set already, check out our informative guide to roof racks here.

The best roof boxes for your car


1. Handihold Large Vehicle Roof Bag

The best overall roof box

HandiHoldall Large Vehicle Roof Bag

Price: £95.00 | VIEW OFFER

This fabric-based roof box offers decent storage without the high price tag. The Handiholdall offers 330 litres of storage and is fully water-resistant. The zippers are lockable and feature a storm flap to keep the contents safe. You’ll need a roof rack to properly secure this option to your roof however. It’s tremendously light at only 3.6kg and when not in use can be stored in the boot of your car (simply remove the fibreglass poles and it’ll roll up).

Pro  Cons
Good value for money  Aerodynamic as a brick
Great quality  



2. Halfords Advanced 360L Black Roof Box

The best narrow roof box

Halfords Advanced 360L Roof Box

Price: £269.00 VIEW OFFER

If you need a roof box that will allow a bike to sit alongside it on the roof, this is our pick. It’s only 64cm across but can still has a 360 litre volume and a weight limit of 75kgs. The advantage it has over some cheaper alternatives is that you can open it from either side.

Pros  Cons
Dual side opening  At over 190cm, it’s not good for smaller cars
Generous volume   



3. Thule Force XT Small

Best roof box for small cars

 Thule Force XT Small

Price: £632.01 | VIEW OFFER

Short and stout to offer the maximum volume for little roofs. You will still get 300 litres from this roof box, but it’s only 139 x 89.5cm. Thule has gone to great lengths to make the Force XT roof boof sleek and aerodynamic to have as little adverse effect as possible. Maximum load weight is still 75kgs and can be opened from either side. Larger sizes of the Force XT roof box are available.

Pros  Cons
Sleek and aerodynamic  Very expensive
Duel side opening  



4. Thule Motion XT Size XXL

Best roof box for large volumes

Thule 629901 Roof Boxes Motion XT

Price: £1044.13 | VIEW OFFER

A whopping 610 litres of above roof cargo space with Thule’s largest XXL size Motion XT. If you want volume wrapped in a stylish skin, then this is for you. Skis and snowboards, baby strollers, you name it, you can get it in. It may be a large beast but the XXL Thule Motion is easy to mount thanks to Thule’s PowerClick system. It’s also simple to open due to grippy handles, dual side opening, and supporting lid lifters.

Pros  Cons
Huge volume  Eye wateringly expensive
Very aerodynamic  



5. Halfords Advanced 580L Roof Box

Best price for volume ratio 

Halfords Advanced 580L Black Roof Box

Price: £429.99 | VIEW OFFER

An alternative to the large Thule is this roof box from Halfords. It’s only a little smaller than the Thule – 580 litres compared to 610 but will save you a significant amount of money. It’s not quite as fancy as its more expensive rival but it still maintains a relatively aerodynamic design and dual side opening.

Pros  Cons
Good value  A little smaller than the Thule
Good volume  



6. Thule Vector

Top of the line

Thule Vector

Price: £1375.00 | VIEW OFFER

If you simply want the fanciest, most fashionable roof box for your Audi RS6 or Range Rover then go no further than the Thule Vector range. With its ultra-sleek profile don’t expect to get the same cavernous volumes as some of the roof boxes previously mentioned – the largest Vector you can get is 430 litres. However, the inside base of the Vector is felt-lined for improved luxury and protection. An LED light is fitted to make loading and unloading in low light easier. Despite the extra bells and whistles, this really is ultimately, a fashion statement.

Pros  Cons
Cool features  Very expensive
Very luxurious  



7. Halfords 250L Grey Roof Box

Best solid roof box on a budget


Halfords 250L roof box

Price: £129.00 | VIEW OFFER

Not the largest roof box by any means, this model from Halfords still offers an impressive 250 litres of storage and at a far cheaper cost than other solid roof box options. Made of ABS plastic and featuring UV protection to keep it from cracking in the sun and featuring an aerodynamic design to stop wind noise from driving you mad it’s a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Pros  Cons
Good storage for the price  Build quality isn’t as robust



Something you may also wish to consider is how to store your roof box safely in your garage. There are a couple of options available:

1. Twinnyload Wall Brackets

Twinnyload Wall Brackets

Price: £36.43 | VIEW OFFER

A simple pair of sturdy wall brackets.



2. H20 Hoist Kit

H20 Kayak hoist



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