Reduce your congestion charges

  • Parkers top tips on how to avoid the congestion charge
  • Opt for a hybrid car or travel out of hours of the scheme
  • Number of new cars now dip below the 100g/km mark

Drivers entering the centre of London must pay £8 a day, while similar schemes are planned in Manchester and other major cities.

Here's how you can avoid paying the charges.

Alternative transport 

Walking or using public transport, a bicycle or motorbike means you will not pay any Congestion Charge.

Hybrid vehicles 

If you do have to drive into one of these zones, hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius are exempt, as are electric vehicles and cars that produce 100g/km or less of carbon dioxide.

Low emissions 

Choosing a low emissions vehicle when you come to replace your car could save you a bundle if you travel into a congestion zone regularly.

Out of hours

You can also avoid congestion charges by travelling into the city centre during the hours when it doesn’t apply. However, you’ll have to be out of the congestion zone before the start time comes around or you’ll be liable to pay.