Twin test: Skoda Octavia Scout vs Subaru Legacy

  • We pit two rugged estates against each other
  • Driving, practicality and costs all explored
  • Find out which car comes out on top


If you’re looking for a car that’ll tackle rough terrain, but don’t want to settle for the ubiquitous SUV option, your options are fairly limited. That isn’t to say cars like that don’t exist, though, so we’ve pit two of our favourites against one another to find a winner. Read on for our closest twin test ever.

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Skoda Octavia Scout (07-12) vs Subaru Legacy Tourer (09-13)


Skoda Octavia Scout: The Octavia has the better on-road manners of our pair. Thanks to a well-judged suspension set up its comfier, while it’s equipped with slick six-speed manual or quick-shifting DSG automatic gearboxes. The engine is also smoother and power comes in earlier, making it a more flexible performer.

Subaru Legacy: Subaru’s all-wheel drive system is more sophisticated and more capable than the Skoda’s, which makes it the pick of the pair for off-roading or slippery surfaces. Its engine has more power and torque so this is the quicker car, and it has a fractionally higher braked towing weight.


Skoda Octavia Scout: Each Octavia Scout gets roof rails, which means that not only does it have the biggest boot but should you wish, you can carry even more on top with a roof box. There are plenty of clever touches including lashing points in the rear, hooks for your shopping and a sunglasses holder on top of the dash, while legroom for rear passengers is generous.

Subaru Legacy: The Legacy’s trick is a hidden compartment under the boot floor, which not only allows you to hide smaller items from view when you’re parked, but also stops them rattling around when you’re driving. There are large door bins and cubbies around the spacious cabin, though it can’t match the Octavia for the quality of fi t and finish.


Skoda Octavia Scout: The Skoda is marginally cheaper to insure thanks to its lower insurance grouping and servicing will probably be less expensive too thanks to reasonable parts prices. There are far more Skoda dealerships too, so you’re less likely to have to travel a long way to get work done.

Subaru Legacy: With fractionally more torque, it’s likely the Subaru will be slightly less thirsty on diesel as the engine won’t have to work as hard to get up to speed. We rated Subaru’s reliability as exemplary too, and its bigger fuel tank means a longer range between fill-ups so less time spent at the pumps.



Skoda Octavia Scout

Subaru Legacy


1968cc/4-cylinder diesel

1998cc/4-cylinder diesel

Fuel capacity

55 litres

65 litres

Road Tax

Band G – £175 p/a

Band G – £175 p/a




Insurance Group




9.8 seconds

9.3 seconds

Boot space

675 litres

526 litres




CO2 emissions



The winner: Skoda Octavia Scout

This is the closest twin test we’ve ever done, and deciding between the pair was incredibly difficult. As a road car the Octavia Scout takes top honours though. It’s more comfortable, has a bigger boot and is very slightly cheaper to run.

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