Geneva 2014: Citroen

  • C4 Cactus is star of the stand (and maybe the show)
  • New C1 promises to be massive seller for the firm
  • Special edition C1 Swiss & Me pays homage to Geneva

Cars on show: C4 Cactus, C1, C1 special editions

C4 Cactus

Citroen C4 Cactus Geneva 2014

We’ve already had the pleasure of seeing the Citroen C4 Cactus in the flesh, but now it’s the public’s turn.

As practical as it is striking, this plucky supermini crossover weighs in at under a tonne and even comes with bubble-wrap style Airbumps on its flanks – perfect for anyone who likes to park like a Parisian.

Aimed squarely at cool urbanite families it hasn’t forgotten Citroen’s core values though and the C4 Cactus promises a range of efficient engines, clever packaging and comfort – though it stops short of bringing back the firm’s famous hydro-pneumatic suspension.

From the show floor

The cactus is certainly eye catching but it’s the finer details that really stand out and make the difference. One of our favourite features is the front seats, which when the armrests are down, turn into a sort of sofa arrangement which is extremely comfortable. We also love the top-opening glovebox which is made possible by positioning the passenger airbag in the roof,  and the clever washer jet system built into the wiper arm.” – Debbie Wood, Senior Staff Writer

“Low weight is one of the Cactus’s main design attributes and the rear doors certainly feel featherweight to open. Feels odd to see pop-out rear windows on such a big car, even if they do save weight.” – James Taylor, Staff writer

Priced between the C3 and C4 models, Parkers will be driving the C4 Cactus very soon – until then you can read more information on Citroen’s funkiest new model here.


Citroen C1 Geneva 2014

It might not be as daring or exciting as the C4 Cactus, but the C1 is probably the most important debut on the Citroen stand. There’s no clever concept here though, the C1 is pure simple supermini in the mould of the tiny car that it replaces.

Expect it to be joined by its Peugeot 108 (formerly 107) and Toyota Aygo brethren at the show. The C1 will come with three or five doors and a new Airscape model with full-length sunroof is also available. It promises to be as exciting to drive as its predecessor, thanks in part to its sub 850Kg kerbweight, and will come with a range of efficient diesel and petrol engines.

From the show floor

The C1 has become a very trendy alternative to rivals like the Volkswagen Up and skoda citigo with stylish touches throughout.  we particularly like the air vents and the orb like headlights.” – Debbie Wood, Parkers Senior Staff Writer

C1 Swiss & Me

It’s not even on sale and Citroen are showing a special edition of the C1 – though officially it’s only a concept to showcase the personalisation options available. Called the Swiss & Me (not to be confused with Lotus’ ill-fated Swizz Beatz collaboration) it’s built in homage to the city of its unveil – Geneva. 

Not a triangular chocolate, piece of holy cheese of cuckooing clock in site the Swiss & Me is marked out by its red and white colour scheme and bodystyling upgrades including wing extensions, alloy wheels and central exit tailpipe.