Geneva 2015: Lexus

  • New GS-F supersaloon unveiled
  • Lexus reveals its Audi A1 rival
  • Concept hints at future models

Cars on show: GS-F supersaloon, LA-SA concept, LF-C2

GS-F saloon (pictured above)

Lexus’s answer to the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, the GS-F makes use of a huge 5-litre V8 engine coupled with an eight-speed automatic gearbox (as used in the Lexuis RC F high performance coupe). 

There’s a clever rear differential and bespoke suspension to make use of the 470bhp on offer. 

For the full low down, click here.

Worth the wait? 

Only if you’re after something a little different. The rivals to this car are some of the best performance all-rounders you can buy.

LA-SA concept

A view into the future here with Lexus’ take on a Toyota Yaris or Audi A1. 

Worth the wait?

There’s a huge amount of competition for a car this size, but you can count of Lexus to provide a fresh take on it. 


A four-seater convertible concept first seen in Detroit this January, the LF-C2 shows which direction the Japanese firm’s styling is going to take moving forwards. 

Worth the wait?

Bits of it will be, yes.