Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The interior takes design cues from a number of other Chevrolet models and some thought has been given to the materials used. The seats are trimmed in a good quality fabric and the main interior trim is of a substantial and soft-touch feel. There are the odd pieces of light feeling, easily scratched, plastic in places – such as the cubbyhole on top of the dash – but the overall impression is of a quality-feeling cabin.

The Aveo also features the chunky wheel that’s shared with Vauxhall models like the Insignia. Front visibility isn’t great however. The front pillars, depending on your seating position, can interfere with your view of what’s around the corner, meaning you have to lean forwards to make sure the road is clear when you come to corners or junctions.

Despite its diminutive size and low price, the Aveo doesn’t feel cheap or uncomfortable on the inside. There’s lots of headroom and four adults can be seated in relative comfort. You can even squeeze three people in the back seats – although if they weren’t intimately acquainted before the trip, then they will be after it. The seats are supportive and don’t irritate, even on longer drives.

There is no centre armrest for rear passengers but higher spec models get front armrests – quite a ‘big car’ touch and a benefit on longer trips. The steering wheel also adjusts for rise and reach. Even on the motorway the Aveo proves refined and quiet, with only some wind noise from the front pillars at higher speeds.