Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The interior look is simple and functional. The driver sits high and has a good view of the road, though the windscreen pillar can restrict visibility when turning out of junctions. The main dials - which are available in blue, green or orange backgrounds - are located in the centre of the dashboard. In their place - directly behind the steering wheel - is a series of warning lights.

The stereo and ventilation controls are easy to use while on the move but the wing mirrors can't be adjusted from inside the car on S models. The steering wheel is not adjustable either, but the driver's seat height can be changed on SE and SX models.

As a second family car, the Matiz makes sense. Two adults or three children fit into the back with ease and as it's tall, there's plenty of headroom - although its narrow shape means it can feel a bit cramped fully loaded. The seats are comfy enough but don't offer enough support for longer journeys. Engine and road noise is kept to acceptable levels, but there is quite a lot of wind noise from around the windscreen pillars at motorways speeds.