Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Chevrolet has attempted to inject some youthful style into the cabin of the Spark and it has worked up to a point. The main focus for the driver is the square instrument cluster which is apparently based on a motorcycle instrument pod. It includes a large analogue speedo and a digital rev counter (which doesn't always seem 100 per cent accurate) along with a trip computer on top models that includes average speed.

The centre console is neat too with an easy to use stereo along with controls which glow a pleasing blue at night while top LT models come with a coloured interior trim which can be chosen to match the exterior colour. However, cheaper models don't feel as good inside with a dominance of drab plastic replacing the brighter colours. Some of the plastic feels a little cheap too and the finish in certain areas is below par.

Thanks to five seats and five doors, the Spark has enough room to carry four adults in relative comfort, although as with all cars of this size, if you have a tall driver and front passenger, space in the back is severely restricted. But there's good headroom in the rear, even for those over six-foot tall. The ride quality is impressive for a small car and is only caught out by deep potholes, while noise levels are acceptable, although the engine can be intrusive at high revs.

All models, with the exception of the standard 1.0, come with air conditioning, while top LT versions have climate control.