Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Only one engine is available in the SRT-8 – a 6.1-litre V8 developing 425bhp and huge amounts of pulling power. It enables the SRT-8 to sprint from 0-62mph just 5.0 seconds, however maximum pulling power arrives at a relatively high 4800rpm and in everyday driving it doesn’t always feel particularly urgent. The five-speed automatic gearbox is the biggest disappointment though and seems to sap the SRT-8 of the instant turn of pace you want in a high performance car.

In a straight-line the SRT-8 is no slouch and acceleration is accompanied by a deep roar from the V8 – but overall it’s a car that is really only at its best when driven hard.

The high-performance version of the 300C builds upon the decent handling offered by the other models in the range. It feels more nimble than its size suggests, and the SRT-8 has improved body control and better grip than lesser versions of the car. Indulgent use of the throttle when powering out of bends can force the rear tyres to break traction, but the SRT-8 always feels responsive, and the electronic stability control reins in the car before things get out of hand.

Although the suspension set-up is firm and the SRT-8 rides on 20-inch wheels, there is a good degree of comfort built into the ride which means it doesn’t punish the occupants on long journeys.