Parkers overall rating: 2 out of 5 2.0

Just one engine is on offer, a 2.4-litre petrol with 143bhp. It’s not especially quick (0-60mph takes 10.7 seconds with the standard manual gearbox and 12.4 seconds with the sluggish automatic transmission). It does cruise well on the motorway but that’s about the limit of its talents. If pushed, it can become an unrefined and rather noisy unit and fuel consumption is on the thirsty side with an average of just 30mpg.

Despite a decent diesel CRD engine being available in the standard PT Cruiser, Chrysler never chose to fit this in the Cabriolet.

The PT Cruiser is quite a wide car which, combined with its poor roof-up visibility, makes it difficult to drive in town. The ride is rough and uncomfortable, at low speeds, but slightly better on faster roads. However it’s never an enjoyable or rewarding car to drive – the brakes lack bite, there’s noticeable bodyroll when tackling corners and vibration through the cabin over rough surfaces.

Drop the roof and the latter is even more evident. The long-stalked gearlever gives a fluent and fairly responsive change, but it’s too easy to select reverse, when you really want first.