Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

A highly-adjustable driving position makes for an adequate drive, but the dash is confusing, with buttons placed without logic - you really have to hunt around for some. Worse still is the awful plastics used that feel cheap and scratchy in most places, while rear visibility is restricted by the rear pillars and headrests. Cars from 2006 have a much improved driving position and the dials are easier to read (they're no longer in a 'tunnel' housing) plus the buttons and switches are more logically placed and easier to use.

But the seats are still far and the plastics are little better - the silver finish on the centre console simply looks naff.

The PT Cruiser isn't really an MPV - you should think of it more as a larger hatchback. As a leftfield choice instead of a Focus, Golf or Astra, it's roomy with lots of head and legroom, but some buyers may find the seats a little too upright and the rear bench seat isn't ideal for long journeys. Plus despite Chrysler's claims that cabin noise has been reduced, excessive wind and road noise still makes long trips tiring.