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Staged crashes on the increase

  • 30% increase in staged accidents
  • Company cars likely to be targeted
  • Birmingham is 'crash for cash' hotspot

Written by Parkers Published: 12 April 2010 Updated: 1 February 2017

Company car drivers are being warned to be on their guard for criminals who stage accidents in order to fraudulently claim thousands of pounds in compensation.

The so-called 'crash for cash' schemes involve criminals driving a car and braking heavily or unexpectedly in order to cause another driver to crash into them.

The criminals then attempt to claim thousands of pounds in compensation from the other driver's insurance for the damage to the car and also injuries to the driver and passengers.

In the past 12 months the instances of staged accidents has risen by nearly 30% according to Keoghs, which investigates suspicious claims on behalf of insurance companies.

And company car and van drivers are likely to be targeted by the scam because the criminals know that a company vehicle will be insured.

According to Keoghs data, Birmingham is the most likely place to be caught up in a staged accident, followed by Manchester, east London and Liverpool.

Company car drivers who believe the accident they are involved in is suspicious have been urged to make their concerns know to their fleet management or insurance company as soon as possible.